Soccer Mom Carry?

The photo is from our digital files, not me or my child. :slight_smile:

When my kids were younger, they would have Saturday morning soccer games, tae kwon do tournaments, cross country meets… the list was endless. A lot of these events took place away from school in a public park or building.

At that point, Wisconsin didn’t offer concealed carry permits, otherwise, I would have carried.

What challenges do you have carrying at your child/grandchild’s sporting events that are not at a school?


Under Illinois law, a public park is a no gun zone. The park here, even has a big sign proclaiming that. It is a punishable offense to violate “the sign” in the state. A lot of local sports, are played at city parks.

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It’s been a while but I remember coaching a basketball game for one of my kids in uniform while I was 10-5 (on a meal break). As soon as the game click expired, I was back on the sheriff’s clock.
Parents were very well behaved at that game.


My younger son played soccer in travelling team. All games and tournaments were organized at public parks.
Like @45IPAC mentioned, there is no way to carry in these places. Thanks God there was not a single incident during son’s 7 years soccer career.
Then 4 year of soccer in High School and the same - no gun zones only - schools’ or school district’s fields.


Thankfully, the sports my son I saw now into, take place on private property. Church league soccer and basketball, and 4H shooting sports. The 4H stuff, literally takes place at a gun range, and in the near future, I will be the instructor for the rifle team. Can’t get much more convenient for me than that.