So close... 14500 EDC flashlight

I’ve carried Surefire, Eagtac, Streamlight, Fenix, Acebeam, etc. I’ve found that a 14500 sized light with similar sized head and reversible pocket clip works well in my setup. However, most of the lights that size are relatively floody.

Although I like flood lights for short range or indoors, for longer distances, smokey/foggy/rain/snow conditions, I prefer a spot light.

For the most part, I settled on a Streamlight Macrostream as my go-to EDC flashlight. I’ve used it for work duties when I didn’t bring a dedicated light. Although it’s UI isn’t the best, it’s simple enough to adjust myself around. It’s also relatively floody.

Recently I purchased a Weltool T-1 Pro. It is a 14500 sized spot, about the same size as the Streamlight Macrostream. It comes on in medium (320 lumens), but at 12,000 cd, and the hi is 21,000 cd. I love the concentrated spot beam for a 14500 sized light (without a bulbous head). Unfortunately, it seems like they are all sold out in the US.

However, the UI is med/hi/med/hi/low, and without practice the low can come on when not wanted (if using for momentary on). It is soooooooooo close to what I wanted in a 14500 spot that fits in the back pocket. I can live without the reversible pocket clip.

Just thought I’d mention it if someone else was looking for a “Chapstick” sized flashlight that has good reach. Just remember that the UI is less than ideal for momentary on.

Image from: Weltool T1 Pro Flashlight Review - ZeroAir Reviews


Good price too. $54.00. :+1:


If you like spot beams, you might look at some of the LEP (Laser excited Phosphor) flashlights. They are the latest technology, but are not yet ready for prime time in my opinion. The strongest ones will throw out to over FIVE MILES, and can stay on at relatively high intensity for hours!
The problem is, these beams don’t widen out very much at all. When they come up with suitable diffusers, LEPs will REALLY be bad ass. They have come out with LED/LEP hybrids to try and address this issue.
Here are just a few, with better ones coming out all the time:

Here’s a neat little pocket sized LEP, but only about a 35 min. run time.:

Go to youtube for LEP beam shots.


Thanks for the suggestion. I still use the spill on spotty flashlights though. If prices ever come down, I might invest in a red LEP for pointing out tree limbs to cut when speaking with arborists.

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@Ron43xMOS … on the other hand, Happy Anniversary!


Very cool. Thanks for sharing.

I carry the Streamlight Microstream USB in coyote. It comes in high (250 lumens), has momentary on, but cycles to lower mode on the second press in a short time. So not a true tactical light. But small enough for EDC even though I prefer a lumen output much higher than that.

Candle power forums is a great place to learn about “torches.” They have a mechanism to submit a list of requirements and the forum members will recommend a light for you. I’ve never used it. Just remembered it’s out there. Haven’t been over there in a while.


CPF, candlepowerforums, is the best resource out there for sure. I’ve been a member for like 15 or 20 years at this point.

I rarely log in because every now and then when I do, I find like three more lights I just have to buy lol


Flashlights and guns struggle with a co dependency in their relationship. If you have any tips on breaking this addiction, do share.

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I have a 34 step program I’d be happy to share with you for an entry fee of four low payments of ammo.


I also carry the SL Coyote Microstream when I’m going minimalist. However the light and runtimes on the Macrostream (14500) win out when I grab a light for work. Both are underrated lights IMO.

I’ve been on candlepower forums and budgetlight forum for awhile. Definitely a lot of info and opinions on both.

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Thank you!

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Yeah. I’ve been eyeing the Macrostream. I have too many lights though. :grin: (if such a thing is possible.)



I finally took the plunge, and ordered some heads from Malkoff and an AA body that I’m hoping will work fine with a 14500 Li rechargeable. First head is a hyper throw (2CR123A), the other is a Bodyguard (2CR123A). I have a SF EDCL1-T and a couple E-series bodies (Tactician and old, old Defender) that should give me some options to play around and see what works for me.

Just ordered them yesterday, so it will be awhile.