So about those Hi-Points

As much as i facepalm this, I’m also wanting them to do it. I’d get one for novelty reasons…

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Well when you can’t sell on quality sell on novelty. Lol

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I’ve heard that their PCCs are actually pretty decent. Any experience with those?

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No I don’t have any experience with PCC’s. I’m wanting to get into them but have other guns higher on the to do list

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I’m gonna have to make sure my hubby sees this… :woman_facepalming:

Recent conversation between us:
Me: “Um, I saw a gun show sign on the way home… I stopped to check it out.”
Him: “See anything good?”
Me: “yeah… I bought a gun. Hope you’re not mad.”
Him: “I’m never mad if you bring home a new gun without checking with me.”
Him: “As long as it’s not a Hi-Point. Then I’d be mad.”

and … I had to go look up “Yeet” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I had to go look it up too. But that was months ago after hearing the kids using it.

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No worries. Palmetto State Armory is running yeet cannon lowers for the AR9 platform since Hi Point backed out and won’t honor the contest.

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Here y’all go… Yeet Cannon grips for your 1911.

Hi-point did honor the contest.

In fact someone did the research and Hi-Point trademarked the name while the internet was raising Kane.

It was all for publicity and it worked flawlessly.
The next Hi-Point 9mm is the YC9, aka Yeet Cannon 9. Available later this year.


Ok, that’s entirely awesome! :rofl:

I’m just going to leave this here…


I have 2 hi points and so far no major issues. You get what you pay for I guess. To heavy and bulky for conceal carry but fun to shot.

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