Snubby Pocket Holster I really like

I bought a snubby 38spl not that long ago. Then the holster hunt began. I bought a Galco ankle glove that I’ve not yet used because it is summer and it doesn’t work with my summer wardrobe.

Then I bought a pocket holster, I think off Amazon…posted about it elsewhere here, it worked well. However, i felt it was too much like a “loose pocket” in my pocket rather than a holster…

I recently purchased a nice fitted/formed, good brown leather pocket holster, off ebay, and love it.

“Don Hume” is the brand. Like I said, I got it off ebay, I think it was $30. Fits the S&W 642 Airweight like a glove. The ONLY thing I had to do was to put some leather conditioner inside of it to get a smooth draw. Before I did that, drawing from the pocket would pull the holster out with the gun, and without access to the trigger…so some beeswax based leather stuff inside the holster, and within minutes the draw was fine, still is. Again, it’s a good fit to the revolver itself. So even though the loose pocket holster I tried first works, this is a more solid, fitted holster. For my jeans (tecovas), it fits almost all the way into the front pocket. The grip has to be canted forward to get it hidden enough to not wear a shirt long enough to cover the top of the front pocket to conceal…I haven’t tried, but can readily presume it’ll be fully covered in my Tru-Spec tactical pants front pocket.

Here’s a couple pics. The reason I’m posting all this is in case someone else buys a S&W J frame and needs a concealment holster solution for warm weather. Ankle holster from Galco I got is great, but isn’t a summer solution in many cases.


Nice! Another old trick is to use wax paper between the firearm and holster to get some wax on there.


Especially because I worked in paper mills for about 5 years, 1 of which did parchment type and coated papers, I will definitely remember that. Thanks!


That is a nice looking holster Smiddy I am surprised that EBAY had it.


Very nice looking holster!

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Nice holster!

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I’m not surprised: eBay has a lot of great stuff … I buy on there, used to sell … they’ve taken to favor their buyers over their sellers … I don’t sell any more for that reason. I’ve been the victim of a buyer causing a bunch of trouble and eBay backing them relentlessly, despite that I followed EVERY rule and disclosed everything.

I finally got it worked out, but they locked up hundreds of my dollars and my PayPal account for a few weeks while I had to pursue options. Which doesn’t make sense … buyers are NOT eBay’s customers, the sellers are. Fees come from the seller, and the buyer is actually just a customer of the seller.

And I’m not the only one, my best friend had a similar situation (with a less expensive item).

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Thx to all who commented:))

FTR, theres tons of good deals on top notch merch all over ebay. So unless one just desires to overpay for where they shop,one should not discount it as a viable option. Personally I care more about my little bit of cash than where I spend some of it…