Sneaky Pete & Sig P322

When I brought my Sig P322 I was looking for a holster for it. I was already happy with my Sneaky Pete holster for my Sig 325 but their website did not offer one. A email was sent to them and they responded within two hours asking for the dimensions of the gun. When I gave them the dimensions within two hours they said the holster For the Sig P239 should work and if it did not I could sent it back with a full refund. So I ordered it seven days later it came and it works just great! Can not say enough for their product and customer service, I will add Springfield, Sig, and Smith & Wesson seem to have great service.
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I had a similar experience with Muddy River Tactical…


Love my Sneaky Pete. It’s CC meets OC. Mine says INSULIN PUMP on the flap. It pretty much lets me go anywhere.


How is the draw from the Sneaky Pete? Is it easy to get a good firing grip when you draw?

Glad to know who has good customer service!


Just takes a little practice. If you are wearing an untucked shirt you have to clear the garment and open the flap (magnetic closure - no Velcro to mess with). Tucked in shirt…just open the flap and draw, pushing your thumb between your firearm and the inner side of the holster, engage the grip, pull upward and present. Like anything, just takes a little practice. Super easy to reholster.


Thanks for the feedback. I’ll keep them in mind!


So the Sneaky Pete mounts to a belt?

The ones I have seen were all sling type bags :thinking:

Glad to hear they have good customer service.
As someone above posted, I can attest Sprinfield Armory does as well from personal experience.

I imagine alot of others do as well but have not had to find out yet :slight_smile:

Belt or clip left or right.

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