Sneaky Pete Holster Review

I just received my Sneaky Pete holster today and it’s great! Let me start with the only negative that I have it is hard to loop through my gun belt, bit of a struggle, but works oaky with a regular belt. Open carry but concealed. From the get go I was able to draw and clear the flap with one hand and I will have to practice with my gun made safe. It’s probably a faster draw then one in your waist band and clearing out your shirt. The magnets that hold the flap is better then Velcro. Well made and the material seems to be easily cleaned if need be. I ordered one that that says power pack. As I already carry my cell phone, multitool, keys and knife on my belt what is one more item. Now I have belt like Batman complete with mask! If anybody asks what’s that I can say it’s a extra battery battery for my phone, my work phone or the battery for my pace maker. If I get into a situation that, nobody wants to get into, and asks to hand over my “phone” I would be happy to show it with it’s 12 ring chimes.


Hey Fred. I’ve been looking into those, too. I just haven’t decided between the loops or clips. My carry belt is only 1.25" but pretty thick.
Did you order from SP or find it elsewhere for less than 60?

I think they should make one that says “Colostomy”. :shushing_face:

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Been thinking the same, as I have been looking (and on the fence) for about 2 months. Always nice to have different carry options.

I decided against clips because they break or come off your belt when you sit. The loops are made from leather (which are likely more comfortable then clips) and now the second day it was easier to thread the belt through them. The cost might be high but you get quality. copy cats of items are usually s*** . Was at the doctor’s office today, no comment however I left my Sig in the truck.