A embarrassing moment

This happened the other day. I usually my EDC (Sig 365} in my Sneaky Pete holster and leave it on my coffee table while sitting on the couch. I decided to go to the range and put the holster on my belt. Went to the range and went to draw my Sig I found out I had put the holster upside down! S**T! Well I know now the flap on the Sneaky Pete holster works really well since the gun didn’t fall out. Now I remember, besides the 4 safety rules, check the position of holster and don’t shoot the RSO :slightly_smiling_face:


LOL :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: that’s funny stuff Fred.


I once took my Glock 30SF (.45acp) to the range for some quality time only to open my range bag and discover I packed 200 rounds of 9mm. :exploding_head:


Does the fact that can happen make you wonder if a Sneaky Pete may not be the best holster for EDC?


There is no “best” holder just like there is no “best” gun. I am 6’ and 175 pounds. IWB was not comfortable for me so I went OWB. I work occasionally with power tools like rodding machines and drills so my shirts are tucked in so they don’t get snagged. That is why I went with Sneaky Pete. No one has yet noticed it is a holster after 2 years and if they would notice I would say it is a battery pack for my pace maker. As I noted it has excellent retention and the flap prevents someone easy access to my Sig at the same time i can draw it one handed with it fairly quickly (practice, practice). I was careless and hopefully it will not happen again. Maybe paint a arrow on it to show it’s straight up :slightly_smiling_face:


When they say Sneaky Pete they really mean Sneaky!:rofl:


Took one of my guns to the range. Forgot to bring a magazine. Pretended it was a single shot for that range trip. Who needs a high capacity magazine for a fully semi auto firearm anyway? :grin:


I went with sneaky pete holster for the same reason. it isn’t comfortable when you are in a :man_in_motorized_wheelchair: and sitting all day. mine is disguised as med pack


Yes Sir, I imagine we each have had our various different moments. If I may humbly add, we learn from them, and teach others about safety. May we all continue to get better with age and experience. With you. If no one gets hurt, we can laugh at ourselves.


A testament to the drop safety.

In the Stone Age, when I was a cop, I asked the range officer what ammo I should carry in my S&W revolver. His smart alek answer was “Most policemen who are shot are shot with the own guns. Don’t carry anything you would mind being shot with.” That advice, unfortunately turned out to be accurate.

Fast forward a couple years and a fellow officer decided he would rather carry a Colt Python than the issued S&W. While running across the street to investigate a water balloon fight at the local college, his fancy revolver he was so proud of fell out of the holster, hit the concrete curb and shot him in the leg. Lessons: (1) make sure your firearm has a drop safety; (2) invest in a quality holster; (3) running to intervene in a water balloon fight is not worth it; and (4) don’t carry anything you would mind being shot with.


Great story. I shall heed.

A good holster and the “drop safety” function, particularly on semi’s.

“Word to the wise”, if the holster description does not include that it was made for one’s specific model, then beware. I understand some have fallen out. Search and you shall find, don’t compromise or chance it.


Good points however, I do not want to be shot by any gun. In a related issue the police in Milwaukee, WI are switching to Glocks from Sigs due to accidental discharges being blamed on the gun, I am more inclined to blame the officers then the gun and also with Glocks you have to dry fire the gun to take it apart which may lead to more accidental discharges.


I can never get over how small and dark chambers and rear of barrels are, in semi’s. Some arms, some Glocks have that loaded chamber indicator, a pop up like square stub, visible and tactile. I try to make the room brighter and have a head lamp which I strap on my head to see better, keeping both hands free. Nowadays can find headlamps at low costs.

Sure, we think about being prepared when split seconds count in a SD incident.

But, I’m trying to also think about all your above real life warnings, to prep for safety and against accidents, in thinking about family, friends, innocents who are around us; In this delicate balance of being “responsible”, and mitigating embarrassment.

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That is why several of my instructors teach to confirm empty chamber by both sight and touch, looking at the chamber, then pushing a finger into the chamber and the magwell.


I know one lady at the range that drops the mag, checks the chamber and the dry fires the pistol before she puts it back in the case.


That is the required sequence after finishing a stage in IDPA and USPSA matches, and includes showing clear to the RSO on that stage before closing the slide and dry firing.


Interesting discussion all. Embarrassment does have its ties to safe handling.

“To Err is Human” - Linda Kohn, Janet Corrigan, Molla Donaldson.

From the studies of how the mind works, habits, muscle memory, I wonder if we practice steps and moves in one arena, say ranges, do we run the risk of those same mind and body movements at home, ie dry firing at home by accident, if we do not want to. Not saying one way is wrong or right, but expanding thought on it.

Fascinating subject matter indeed.


I have used a Sneaky Pete for several years now and never had that problem. I’m having a little trouble figuring out how that happened. I have a 365XL that fits very nicely in my holster - which is actually made for my S&W Shield. I’m not saying it couldn’t happen, but maybe I just pay more attention when I’m setting up my carry options.


The gun was in the holster when I put the holster om my belt,

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That might be the difference. I remove my pistol every night and replace it in the holster in the morning. I am glad you didn’t have any serious problems because of that. I do believe that Sneaky Pete holsters are a very good option for those of us that don’t like IWB carry - and your experience proves it.

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