Smiddy and iamteeg want to know! POLL: How about a Rifles forum?

I presume that was a joke based on the emoji.
However, ghost guns, or guns without a proper manufacturer SN, are illegal as it gets, and I’d not even joke about them online or anywhere else.
Not my business, I am not a mod or in a position to tell u anything, but strongly recommend not talking about illegal in net forums that will bite u in the rear if you’re ever investigated for say, a defensive shooting…
Jus sayin :slight_smile:

Pls dont be angry, I’m jus tryin to help

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We are already dedicated, we don’t need to be divided, 1911, AR-15’s, AR-14’s🤣.
We are a gun community focused on safety, rights and concealment. Now, if we had a dedicated forum on how to conceal an AR-15, I’m good to go.

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The only reason I voted no on these is that anyone could very easily start a thread on the topics. Having a dedicated long gun or 1911 weekly post might just muddy the water on someone look I ngnfor information.

@Dawn when you posted about building your AR you saw the worm holes created. It would probably be multiplied with a dedicated thread.

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@Sheepdog556 I hear and understand that concern. And, if it is ok to just start a thread on a long gun in a forum not about long guns, then I’d agree it best to not create more forums for long guns.
@Dawn - you copied that ?


Yes, I was making a joke - in reference to your grey guns. Firearms that have had their serial numbers removed are illegal. Licensed manufacturers cannot legally produce nor sell firearms without serial numbers. However, firearms not made for sale, aka home-made firearms, are not illegal, and are not required to have serial numbers.

This is my post from the topic on
"I have not found anything on the ATF site about the requirement to put a serial number on a home-made firearm before it is sold.

This information on what is required/suggested when transferring a firearm in a private transaction: It does not mention that a serial number must be on the firearm. I could find no citation requiring firearms previously manufactured for personal use requiring a serial number when transferred.

This site states that a serial number is not required when transferring your home-made firearm, but I could not find a valid link to the ATF where it is specifically stated, except when discussing licensed manufacturers: Are Firearms without Serial Numbers Illegal? - Pennsylvania Law Abiding Gun Owner Blog"

Also, one can transfer home-made firearms without a license as long as one is not in the business of manufacturing firearms for sale (

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While I dont see any harm in creating the categories I also dont see the need.

We have Guns&Gear why not just start a thread there on the topic you want to talk about.

I own long guns, I own revolvers, I own pistols, I do reloading and cast bullets. So far I have been able to create or find a thread that covers what I am looking to learn about or share/add my experiences to.

I didn’t vote as it would depend on the particular subject of a thread on how much I would participate. Will I try to read it all (yes I will try) but that does not mean I would post to it on a weekly basis as I might not have a question or anything to add.

Just my take on the subject.



Again, as long as that’s ok, I agree. If we’re already good to post long gun stuff in current forums, then I’d think thatd be best option.

What i did not wanna do is start posting questions unrelated to handguns and get whapped by a moderator with a ban hammer…

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@Dawn is very careful when swinging the hammer and it has to be pretty bad for her to bring it out, so I would not worry.

Just start a new thread naming it something appropriate under the Guns&Gear heading and you will be fine.



@Dawn just as a possible work-around, can we add/edit more tags when creating a topic? Maybe just a Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun would be helpful?

@DBrogue Thx for the reassurance :stuck_out_tongue:

Ban hammer only comes out with repeated breaking of and discussions about breaking the Community Standards. If a comment is made in the heat of a discussion and it will be addressed by the moderation team – we all know life is kinda stressful right now.

If the person doesn’t make some effort to adhere to the standards (i.e. calls names, personal attacks, or hate speech) in future posts and blows off the moderation teams attempts to work with the person, then the ban hammer comes out.

Misplaced posts will be moved to the right place and an explanation of the movement will be shared. If it’s WAY off-topic, we may jump in and let you know that it’s too far off-topic. We do give a decent amount of leeway in topics. (Use the Miscellaneous category for off-topic please.)

We’re all pretty reasonable, but we’re human and mistakes can happen. We do our best to be the best for all of our awesome Community participants. And PLEASE call us on something if it doesn’t seem right. I had a whopper of a typo last night (put can instead of can’t type thing) and someone called me on it! Which was really helpful because I could fix my typo before I confused everyone :slight_smile:

Point of clarification - I’m not asking if everyone would post a topic on long guns or 1911’s per week. I’m curious if you all would post a comment on a topics - would you interact on a topic about long guns or 1911’s once a week?

For right now, maybe we just use a tag? :thinking:


Heresy!!! I dont believe that for 1 second on a shot clock!!!


I have a concealable AR-15. If it’s jacket weather.

Do you know how every time you hear certain words you can’t help but think of the same thing…over and over? For me: