Situational Awareness and avoidance with friends

He says not to look away from the person asking you questions. However, you should keep your attention up and around, as often there are more than one and the one asking you a question is just a distraction so you don’t see his friends coming up to surround you.


There are some people who just don’t get it. Your friend is going to wind up getting himself and, probably, you into really a bad situation one day. You might want to part company or start to limit your interactions with this person to daylight hours, better locations and without alcohol involved.


Well I have a DVD and a guide I bought from the USCCA that I’m planning on showing him and making him watch the video, and after watching the video going over the guide.


Thanks MrBagworm.

Great find, makes sense. Until policy forces change or real reform occurs, it makes sense to stay calm, as one can always make official complaints later if needed, using proper channels.

I thought I learned to be careful growing up, but still - I learned lessons. Interesting in the Mr. Rock proved to us all, “calmer heads prevail”, when he was accosted in real life this recent Spring 2020 on live TV broadcast. You go Mr. Rock!

Still, I know someone who blasts that music, windows rolled down; despite I like the tunes, I don’t like attention. Plus, what if the driver accidentally misses a stop sign, with the tunes blasting, why on earth would an officer friendly ever give us a warning, as opposed to a ticket?

Why am I so cool with the cops? Cause I may need them one day. Small price to pay so I can be able to go to work the next day and not have to use my phone call to my boss … “from jail”.


You’re a good friend and definitely a great start. :+1:t3:

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My philosophy is I hang out with you and you make me go through your dumb ■■■■. Oh I’m making you go through mine.


Well, I am sure your friend will appreciate your concern. Situational awareness may seem like a simple task, but there are so many things one can consider and/or encounter. Stay well and safe. :+1:t3: