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Hey ya’ll! I’ve used the “Search” option and read a few articles, but some seem a little older and figured it wouldn’t hurt to start a new thread.
I recently picked up a Sig P365XL with RomeoZero and fell in love with it. It has become my everyday carry AIWB with a Kydex holster as well as a Kydex magazine pouch. I clean after almost every time firing, as well as weekly knowing that sweat and the humidity is not kind to metal, but as of late with the weather heating up, I’ve noticed mild surface rust on the magazine. Is there a different option for magazines ya’ll recommend? Besides cleaning often, is there a better product (I usually use CLP or Hoppe’s) recommended to prevent rust on an EDC? Is finding a different material mag pouch the better option?

If there is another thread that covers this feel free to drop a link, I may have missed it and apologize.

Thanks for any tips/help!

What kind of mag pouch are you using? And, do you leave the mag in overnight, or take it out?

I live in Louisiana, so my stuff gets plenty of humid and some sweat, never had that problem with my mags. You might try some wax, like Renaissance Wax Rust Preventative Gun Stock Polish 7oz

I have never used it, was pretty popular with some high end 1911 owners. Not sure if it will make the mag slippery or not.


I use a product called Prolix on the none wearing portions of my firearms and magazines. It had a small cult following among Glock users a decade or so ago. But may have fallen out of favor as I don’t hear it mentioned much anymore. It has always been hard to find outside of ordering straight from the manufacturer.

I have never had rust on any of my firearms or mags but that may have more to do with living in AZ for the past decade than the Prolix:)

Another thing is it is possible that the mags you have had a poor surface treatment from the factory. May be worth contacting Sig about.


It’s a Kydex Mag pouch, I can attach a photo later on but don’t have one currently. It gets removed from the pouch at night.
I’ve always sweat like an animal no matter what I do haha I’m up in Connecticut so lately it’s gone from 80 degrees to 55 in a day with our lovely humidity.

I’ve got a G19 as well, but obviously with polymer mags, hadn’t been an issue.
I’ll take a look at that wax and try it out, also have a 1911 that I don’t carry everyday and can see how well it works!


Kydex should not hold moisture, leather can. So, your gun does not have that problem, just the mag(s)? Shamrock might be onto something with a defective finish coating from Sig. Might be worth an email or phone call.

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@Shamrock got the great idea and i guess - solution. I’ve never heard about Prolix Lubricant but have been using Eezox with the same great result.

Once your mags started getting rust, just clean them and lube.


Eezox was in my head, but could not remember how to spell it. LOL.

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