Realistically How Concerned Should I Be About Sweat?

So I’m sure this has come up before but it’s bothered me a bit lately since it’s been so hot around here. Basically I’m carrying a Glock 19 in a Tenicor Certum 3 holster. I’m not out in the heat a whole lot but I have had it on when I’ve been sweating pretty bad outside. Only places I’ve noticed it is on the grip which I’m not too concerned about. Maybe a little on the slide. I usually just wipe it down with a rag and then either put it back in the holster or in a Stopbox. I go to the range pretty much every other week and do a regular cleaning when I get home. Should I be doing more?

It’s not something I’ve been like extremely worried about or anything since it’s a Glock and I’m sure it’s built for far more extreme weather and abuse than I could give it lol I honestly don’t really even worry about it but read something that had me starting to wonder how fast it can start to rust or have mechanical failures.


Hear you, especially with us being in summer. Last year, where I was, seemed like September was the hottest or most humid, and I regret my body sweats too much.

Never heard of the holster. Looked it up, looks like an IWB. That holster seems to protect the firearm well, it has that Kydex polymer material look. I too have a Glock. I believe semi-autos, especially Glock — have come a long way in their protective materials, both the slide and the grip or lower portion. Sounds like your cleaning and maintenance routine is great.

I’m kinda a fan of airing things out per se. Once home and secured; Unless you need it on the ready for safety, I wonder if removing the mag, any chambered ammo, slide, barrel and spring, for a few hours or overnight might help dry it all our even more, from that moisture, at least in the summer time, or particularity humid days. IDK.

Just a cadet here, sure the pro’s know better.

Have a fun and safe summer.


It’s hit us pretty hard this year it seems and I’m the same way and sweat a lot.

It’s definitely a good one! I bought it mostly because of how well it protects it and I trust keeping one chambered in it without worrying about something catching the trigger…though my AlienGear does a pretty good job of that too. I kind of figured that Glock would be one where sweat wouldn’t be all that big of a concern if you’re taking proper care of it. I’m just not sure how proper is proper and how much is overkill lol

That’s actually not a bad idea! I’ve somewhat done that when I come inside and cool off. Just wiping it down but then I reholster it since I don’t want to just leave it laying around since I don’t want my son coming across it. I have started putting my Jframe in a pocket holster when I mow since I know I’m going to be drenched in sweat. Could always do that for a bit around the house.

I have seen people say if you just wipe it down with oil and regularly clean it like you would after the range that’d be ok. But yeah I’m a cadet too so I’m not sure lol

You as well :slight_smile:


You kind of just gave me the idea of “cages”.

I might try at home, instead of a regular safe all the time, on humid days — I can unload it, but put it in a cage, like a bird cage or a trapper’s or small dog cage — where I can put a lock on it, for safety from the little ones, maybe throw a dark net over it so not to attract attention, so to air it out.

A relative of mine has been trying to catch via “cage” trap and relocate ‘raccoons’ away from their property and keeps sending me photos of various trapped animals by mistake, but the raccoons seem too smart to walk in, yet to catch one of em critters.

I guess that too prompted me to think of cages. LOL.


Hahaha perhaps that’s a sign it might be worth a try! Honestly though that’s not a terrible idea at all! Fairly simple to come up with some safe and easy to store too. Plus the air circulation! I’d actually be kind of curious to see what you come up with!


I too carry a G19, but in a Galco Kingtuck Air IWB holster. On those occasions when my sweat fogs the pistol, I’ll wipe it down and let it “air dry” at the end of the day. I’ve never felt compelled to field strip and wipe down individual components. Given the frequency that you are going to the range, you’re already cleaning and lubricating to preserve your sidearm. Personally, I’m more concerned about the dust bunnies than the moisture.


I live in Florida, where we have the humidity along with heat. Step outside for 10 minutes this time of year and you’re sweaty. Work outside, or exercise, and you look like a contestant in a wet t shirt contest.

I carry 2 different guns, one an aluminum frame S&W revolver, usually in my pocket in a holster. The other is a polymer M&P, on my belt, either IWB or OWB.

There have been more than a few times the revolver has been soaked with sweat in my pocket. It has caused some minor issues. The clearcoat the factory put on the aluminum parts flaked off on the backstrap, and the grip screw rusted. After a couple grip screws I changed to a stainless one. I also take the grips off and even the side plate from time to time to check for corrosion. So far nothing.

As for the polymer M&P, I don’t really fuss much at all. If it gets really soaked I’ll field strip it and wipe everything down and do light oil. I field strip it about once a week or so anyway just to make sure no dust or crud got in it. I’m more worried about my ammo. If my SD ammo gets wet I’ll put it aside and replace it, shooting up the questionable stuff next time I go shooting. Most of the gun is either coated stainless or plastic, so it’s all pretty rugged. I’m mostly paying attention to springs that could rust. I expect your Glocks are the same. They take a beating in the LEO business and keep on shooting.


No, it’s fine

At most if it’s drenched in sweat, wipe it down (exterior slide) before you put it away for the night/evening/whatever.

Use a kydex holster not leather for a number of reasons, including not holding sweat as long against the gun


You aren’t the only one. In EKY, I remember taking a morning shower, going out on the porch and sweating like crazy at 7:30am. I had to change shirts after 30 minutes.


Aren’t modern firearms designed and built to take abuse? If sweat can defeat one…you should get a different one. :slight_smile:


Got it that’s kind of what I concluded but wanted to get the opinions of people who are more knowledgeable than me!

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You definitely get it worse than me lol We get pretty hot and humid up here but nothing like Florida.

I expect your Glocks are the same. They take a beating in the LEO business and keep on shooting.

This is partially why I wasn’t all that worried about it. LEO glocks are exposed to the elements pretty much all the time. I imagine if they started rusting or malfunctioning they’d probably switch to something else…or at least I would hope! Lol


That’s a good point! Part of why I wanted a Glock is the reliable from LEOs. Figured it’s tried and tested so much that I couldn’t come close to the abuse LEO Glocks probably go through lol

I honestly love Kydex for that reason. Plus there’s something really satisfying about the click it makes when it gets secured in the holster.


I love the click.

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I’ve run over a loaded Glock 36 with a brush mower behind a tractor, (No retention, it fell out and I didn’t notice until I was done mowing about 6 acres around the airfield and shooting range.)

took 3 days out in the rain and sand to find it again….

I dumped the sand out of the barrel, racked it to clear the chamber and put a fresh round in, then dumped the rest of the magazine.

I wouldn’t personally be worried about sweat unless it’s DRENCHED every single day, and you don’t plan on cleaning it more than 2x a year.


A lot of it has to do with your body/sweat chemistry. My sweat is outright corrosive. The old magnetic stripes on credit cards used to last me 2 months at best, sweat would eat them right through my wallet leather. It became a running joke at my bank how often I needed new cards. I outright ate right through the finish on my original SIG P226 (Original West Germany marked slide) and when SIG told me that was impossible I sent them pictures and their response was… Dam!!!

I seem to do fine with modern stainless and some of the newer finishes but with my true EDC, Glock 48 MOS I take no chances and the Kydex AIWB holster I have for it has a sweat guard that covers the whole slide. Between that and a weekly pass with an oily cloth all over the slide it’s managed to stay looking good for a few years now. Leather for IWB is an outright no-no for me, not that I even want it.


Put a coat of wax on the slide, the sweat will bead off. :wink::grinning:


That’s wild! Should’ve made a video of that! That really speaks to the reliability of Glock if you ask me lol

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That makes sense. I’m assuming my sweat isn’t too bad then because I don’t think it’s ever eating something away. Definitely not like that anyway! I may just run an oily cloth over it every now and then anyway if I’ve been sweating a lot. I mean it can’t really hurt anything right?

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