Sig p320/p365 lack of trigger safety

I was interested in the sig p320 when shopping for a fire arm a few years back until I started finding out about how it was not entirely drop safe. I recently started doing research out of curiosity. M&P, glock, Taurus, have trigger safety’s, Springfield XDs have the blackstrap safety. All of these mechanisms protect the firearm from going off when dropped. The Sigs, as far as I’ve seen do not have any of these mechanisms. The P320 would fire when dropped simply because the trigger would get pushed by inertia and cause a discharge. After the drop failures, Sig installed a lighter trigger. Does this bother anybody? I really like the idea of these simple safety mechanisms and they have been around for a long time. Why would they not be present in the striker fire sigs?

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The P320 has been reworked and balanced to preform and it is safe. Sig Sauer has worked hard.
The Sig Sauer P 320 Full Size has been reworked to have a SAFETY CONTROL for the Military
and it is call the M17. Now we have a Full Size P 320 that is controled like the military, but made for
people like you and I. Both of my P320’s were serviced and the staff at Sig Sauer talked with me over
all the problems and did very well that I invested in over $2750.00 to build my equipment to have 4
different style of the P320, from compact , full, and X Carry. Thanks to Sig Sauer. I could not of done it.

I researched the gun being reworked. From my understanding, all they did was lighten the weight of the trigger itself. The modified versions have much thinner triggers. I’m not particularly concerned about the safety of these guns, but I think it’s odd they don’t have a trigger safety mechanism like most strikerfired guns.

If it helps, I’ve been carrying both the 320 and 365 for several years. No trigger tab safety but several internal safeties. I carry mine worry free.

I have some die hard Glock buddies who give me grief all the time for owning and carrying Sigs. They’ve been riding the whole “it’ll go off on its own” thing for way too long now. I honestly have no intention of hitting the back of it with a hammer to see if it’ll go off or dropping it directly on the right spot from a decent distance.


I have and carry both the Sig P320 and the Sig P365.

The Sig 320 recall/upgrade is more than just the trigger:

From Sig’s website:

The firing issue was more than the trigger being affected by inertia,

One of the great things about the gun world is there are so many options. If you’re looking for a gun with a mechanical safety, there are hundreds, if not thousands, to choose from. Sigs might not be a good fit for you.


I watched their video and they say the mechanical disconnect is only for an improved trigger feel, not for the drop safety. I think they are good guns. It just clicked with me that they do not have some of the standard safety features that most other guns have. In fact, I can’t think of another striker fire gun without a drop safe trigger or back strap safety that’s not a DA/SA or DA only. I think you’d have to work really hard to get that trigger to misfire to the point of it not being a misfire anymore :joy:. I don’t really think it makes Sig a less superior product in any way (other than the drop problem that was addressed could have been addressed with one of these simple mechanisms.)


Right on, William. I carry the 320 compact in 9mm with Romeo. I also have the options of 9mm without Romeo and 357 SIG carry. Wonderful system.

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Do you use the shroud on your Romeo?

Only when it is in storage. If it was on when carrying my response time would go to pot.
Also, mine fits very loose and would likely fall off very quickly.

If I don’t have to clear before drawing my time is 2 sec to draw and put one on the target. If I have to clear clothing add 1/2 to 1 sec.

If I had to remove the shroud probably add another second. Bad news for sure.

Sorry for the confusing question Greg, I should have been more clear in what I was referring to. I was referring to the aluminum shroud kit that Sig sales. I want to start carrying mine and I’ve considered putting the aluminum shroud on for more protection. Unfortunately I tend to be a little rough in my equipment…

Can’t help there.

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I have heard that Glock had ‘recall’ even with their trigger safety. Guns are only as safe as the people using them. Or dropping them. Or incorrectly holstering them. Or other things you’re NOT to do with a firearm.


I really like the 10/22, but I want something with a tad more oomf. I really enjoyed my brother r700 .223 today. Really leaning towards the 9mm Rugar still. I could see myself setting it up for home defense. It can shoot rapidly and accurately at a fair range, I could do a lot of fun upgrades if I wanted to, and I could run jhp for home defense.

GREAT gun for home defense. Rugers are solid guns.

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I posted this in the wrong topic :sweat_smile:, glad to hear this though!

I have trained hard (by my standards) with my P320-M17. I even dropped it from waist height into gravel once by mistake (dont ask). I have never had the first moments trouble after 1700 rounds. No jams, nothing. I have over 500 rounds through my new P365 with the same results. I am a big fan of both.


I carry 365, I ask Sig question about carry with round in chamber and they told me there are no issues at all with that, it will not fire until I intentionally pull trigger and don’t worry.


I too conceal carry the P320 and P365 with one in the pipe and have no concerns whatsoever since Sig has fixed the problem from a few years back. Love both my Sigs!


Me too - same firearms. :slight_smile:


I think the reason they don’t have the trigger safety is because some people just flat out don’t like them. So they engineered a way around making it drop safe without using a trigger safety. They missed the mark on version 1.0, but have since upgraded and fixed it. Plenty of folks on youtube have hit the new version with hammers, and dropped them from height, etc and they have been pretty well proven to not go off by accident. If you like the trigger safety, there are plenty of other striker fired pistols with that option. But if you want a striker fired pistol without a trigger safety you don’t have a lot of options.