Should you carry with one in the chamber?

Thx for the clarification.
My discuss such.

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It’s all about your confidence level and how you train. If you train to carry with one in the pipe you know all you have to do is pull, aim and fire. If you train the other way your practice adds seconds but it’s all about muscle memory. Only you can make that Choice but safety is Paramount!!!


I mostly agree. However, with 1 chambered,I can throw any of my carry guns on a concrete drive or watdver, they’ll not discharge the chambered round without a trigger pull.

But u r right, its up to the individual. Just train til u can’t get it wrong…


You would hope that a gun owner knows the mechanics of their weapon. Nope. Not everyone even knows how to field strip their gun. Internal safety, what’s that?


Here is a great idea…

Carry however you want.


Another good idea… along with carrying however you want…

If you are being fired at… do not stand ROOTED like a STATUE … and get off the mark… MOVE…

Whether you have a rd chambered or not… move… it gives you time to rack the slide…if not chambered… and if you are chambered it is still a good idea.

Now, does that solve the what came first… chambered or unchambered argument…

How about a new thread… what came first… THE CHICKEN OR THE EGG?


I guess a lot might depend on your every carry gun. I carry a sig 226 and I know how it operates. I have dropped it several times and because of the operating system I have had no issues. Just saying. I know when I ever have to go to work I and just that much closer to taking care of Business.


I like that saying from Poland. I think I need to keep that in my mental note book. Yep one in the chamber is my choice. The reason I came to that is that I had someone time me in a draw from the drivers seat. Then I took that time and matched it against possible scenarios . When added to decision making it shaves time off. I was once told to train like I will fight.



You know, there may be a time where an empty chamber is more reasonable. I was thinking today it would be cool to have an LCP or cheap pocket pistol for when I ride my bike. I’d feel more comfortable carrying with an empty chamber in this situation (in the case of falling, though I can’t really think of what would make the gun go off if I fell).

That being said, one would need to change tactics with an empty chamber since drawing and chambering will be slower.

This is an example of an exception though, every other time, good holster + good gun (most guns on the market) = one in the chamber.



As I said, if you are being fired at… are you going to stand rooted like a statue?

You will move for cover… drawing your firearm… disengaging the safety if there is one… and if you have a rd chambered… taking aim… If you do not have a rd chambered… rack the slide as you move to cover and take aim.

I generally carry one chambered… it is quicker… but also, I may have to push my attacker away with my off hand… or defend myself, and racking the slide is not readily an option with one hand… (just as a semiautomatic is not for holding against the attacker while a revolver is and you can fire while in contact with the attacker).

But, there are times I might carry a 1911 without one in the chamber (some holsters do disengage the safety),… but if there is an attack, as I move to cover, I draw and rack the slide… the partial second that is lost is to me negated by moving off the mark and heading to cover… which I will do regardless.

The idea of carrying not chambered is not only falling off a bike, there are times it might be preferred… though as a general rule there is one chambered…
the slight extra time… and as I said… if you are fighting off an attacker with one hand… you can not rack the slide… easily.


I wonder if one was in the chamber. This is a small worry of mine with one in the chamber. If someone gets your firearm, there’s no time at all to counter.

We will have to wait for the details. It could just as easily be that one was not in the chamber giving the suspect extra time to get to the gun or more possibly the victim was too focused on getting the gun out when the suspect was already too close instead of working to achieve distance and/or deception to create the time for a safe draw. Without video we may never know. Sometimes you can do everything right and still lose.

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I pocket carry a Glock 43 in a holster. Trigger is covered. No worries. I was concerned about accidental discharge at first, so I carried with chamber empty and firing pin charged for awhile. Nothing happened. A handgun without one in the chamber is just a hammer.

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I carry a wheel gun. Should I index the cylinder so that the chamber which is ‘next up’ is empty?

Chambered. Always. Daily carry and home defense. Not giving any unfortunate b*stard and split second over me.

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I have a Taurus G2C and I always carry with one in the chamber. As long as you have a holster that completely covers the trigger (and is a quality holster) you will have no issues. But if you would feel more comfortable, keep the thumb safety on and just practice disengaging the safety during draw. Commit it to muscle memory. Make it one solid action. Draw and disengage. Faster than trying to load a round in a life or death situation.


So, yesterday I purchased a Canik TP9SFX. Sweet, sweet competition-grade handgun, trading my APX in for it. I also don’t carry one in the chamber when I’m at home.
Well, today I had to go out, so I racked the pistol, holstered it and off I go. When I got home, I dropped the mag, and racked the slide to pop out the loaded cartridge…except there wasn’t one. Couldn’t find it, so after looking for a while I dropped the mag and counted the rounds. 20. I had apparently short-stroked the slide, and didn’t notice, so I was out with what I thought was a loaded defense weapon, but it really wasn’t loaded.
The combination of a new weapon and not verifying via press-check could have gotten me killed had there been an incident. As was normal, there was no trouble, thankfully. But you can bet this won’t happen again.
TL;DR Don’t just assume you’re loaded, double check. The life you save might just be yours.


I read they an article that stated the Pastor looked away from the perpetrator and that is when the gun was taken.

Good comment Richard. Thanks. Eye opening. I respect those who choose not to “chamber” it. As others have shared, better that than not carry at all. To your point, there is a great post on our forum about “chamber check”, titled: Press Checks: Do you or don’t you?