Shooting with Disabilities


I’m sure I’m not the only one with physical disabilities who wants to be efficient with their firearms. For myself, it’s a combination of two bad shoulders and weak hands, plus being 74. So I’m always looking for an easy to rack pistol and different tools/aids for racking and drawing. Plus I can’t extend my arms fully for the “normal” stance. So any and all suggestions on any of the above are welcomed and appreciated.


A green lazer should help with aiming. I say green because the red ones can’t be seen in bright light.
S & W make handguns that they call EZ racking slides.


I have one of the EZs and they are super easy with limited resistance. Still, they function great.

For the green, ensure that you have it set to the right intensity for defense use. You don’t want to be fiddling with it when you need it. also, check the brightness every year or two. The battery on my first laser finally died the other day. It got very dim but still came on.


I can second the endorsement for the S&W EZ. The only limitation I feel with mine is the limited magazine capacity (8+1), however, the newer Equalizer has a double stack available and I think it goes up to 15. If I were getting another it would be that. They’re great shooting guns, with a SAO hammer fired action.


Prayer for good heath for you sir. I’m somewhat like you. VA says at some point I will be deaf as my hearing problem started off with what they thought was Tinnitus. I have other injures? gifts from my Army days. I’m Lucky I can still stand and sit to sit. I have always looked my local trusted Gunsmiths for help. Have a great day sir!

                                                                                                            Carry on, Carry smart :us: :us: :us:

You may want to look into the Center Axis Relock (CAR) system. Best known from the John Wick films but based on a real training technique.

The “extended” position in CAR allows for aimed shooting using the sights but has the arms pulled in relatively close to the body. I actually find it easier to quickly pick up my sights from this position than from a more traditional stance.

It is not my go to position when I have space to use a more traditional stance but I can make accurate hits at distance with it. The even tighter “high” shooting position in the CAR system allows for even better weapon retention in very close contact situations. It frustrates my martial arts coach when I shoot from this position because he can’t use the traditionally taught takeaway techniques.


Also, the “normal” stance I use does not have my arms fully extended. My strong arm is bent slightly and my weak arm is bent a little less. This allows my arms to work as a shock absorber and helps get my sights back on target quicker for follow up shots. Depending on how much you can extend your arms this might work for you with some modification.

Former Navy Seal, Larry Yatch, of Sealed Mindset training has a really good explanation of using this technique as well as the proper hand positioning to help control recoil. Many other instructors use similar techniques but he puts them all together in a really simple to digest package in his Concealed Carry Masters DVD Class. A little pricey on his website but the DVDs or online training materials are occasionally offered for a significant discount.


Hello Larry…(wasn’t that a TV show?) :innocent:
Physically I’m kind of a wreck, Like a Car that got Totaled and put back together by a mechanic that didn’t know what he was doing.
I’ve got more metal in me than a KIA.
My ‘suggestion’ may be a Revolver?
My Sister is of Vintage age and I bought her a Rock Island .38 (6) round M-206
Cool piece. W/ 158 gr. Hollow Points it’s a ‘Nail Driver’ !
If you need more than (6) rounds (in most SD events) I would consider moving.
She literally shoots from da hip! sometimes when her Rotator’s are giving her grief.
or @ least a seriously modified stance from standard, she sets herself well and can draw like Annie Oakley. Neat gun (about $230)
Just Mi dos pesos…


:joy: serious situation, but dude you made me laugh!


I do what I can to add a little levity to this crazy situation Brother.


i think the m&p ez is great every thing about it is very ez and you get 3 more rounds then a Revolver.


I have an EZ and a Full size M&P9 and swear by them. Absolutely, more rounds
mag changes instead of speed loaders all true.
It is just sometimes easier to manage a Revolver
instead of a Semi auto if you have physical challenges.
It’s all according to ability and personal discernment.
That why it’s a suggestion.


I immediately thought of John Wick and center axis relock.


Keep on livin’ my friend. I started with revolvers as a young man and returned to them as I got older. Added ports to reduce recoil. Trigger jobs and replacement springs to tame the long, heavy double action trigger pull.

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@Larry126 - I am a senior and have severe thumb arthritis in my right hand. Also, my hands are not that strong, so I had issues with the slide release and racking the slide on the Glock (17 and 19), and the recoil was pretty high, so my instructor had me try the S&W 380EZ. This firearm is ideal for me. Not only is the slide ease to rack and the recoil minimal, but loading rounds into the magazine is much easier with the small posts on the magazine. Push down on the slide and insert a round; repeat for the remaining rounds. This is much easier for anyone with hand issues.

There are trade-offs, of course: 8-round magazine and stopping power being the two primary. And, of course, the grip-safety, but it does not require a lot of pressure to grip enough to release the safety. I believe the drawbacks can be overcome by carrying additional pre-loaded magazines (perhaps with rounds with more stopping power) and working really hard on proper grip, trigger control and accuracy. Overall, I really like the 380EZ. I am also working on building my grip slowly with grippers and a squeeze ball. It is really helping to build my hand and grip strength.


Hey Brother John,

Have you heard of ‘Tommy Copper’?
They make Copper infused clothes
Copper is said to be a healing metal
They make gloves (fingerless/full)
They really help me. Super thin and help
w/ Gription on a firearm.
Helps in cold weather also.

Mi dos pesos


Thanks much. I am using finger-less gloves, but pretty cheap (Amazon). I will check out your suggestion.


John, try Federal Hydrashok Deep in your 380EZ. When I started using it, I felt like I had to choose between expansion or penetration with my ammo, but the Hydrashok deep does both. Not the traditional Hydrashok, get the “deep” specifically. It’s a new version.

I’ve seen a couple tests using the 380EZ (which has a long-ish barrel for a 380) and it gets consistently 13" or more penetrstion with full expansion. It feeds 100% reliably in mine. Now I no longer give ammo a second thought and carry the gun as my first choice, only with that ammo.


Thanks, Joseph.

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100% agree on CAR. I took it for several reasons:

  • I’m cross dominant.
  • Was involved in church security. The CQB aspects of CAR are superior.
  • Acquiring a target is fast and accurate using both eyes open. Greatly enhanced peripheral vision this way.
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