September 2022 shooting drill

Have you heard of point shooting? Reactive shooting? I learned this in the 80’s and it has really helped my regular shooting as well. It does take practice and this video explains it best in technique, the way I was trained.

Your drill this month is point shooting.
10 rounds at 10 feet.
using a IDPA target or anything close to it!

If you want to throw in your time and the picture of your target it would be appreciated.
Have fun, practice, train and be safe!


Good video. Great drill. Something we are forgetting about, but point shooting is used in 90% of close distance self defense. Nobody even thinks about it until he / she shoots. :neutral_face:

There is a ammo saving version of this training.
Once you stand in front of the target with compressed ready (or low ready), close your eyes and go with full extension. Open the eyes and verify sight picture. If you are off the target make the corrections (usually stance) and repeat until you make the sight picture perfect.
And yes… it takes time, plenty of time… :wink:


In sniper training you work with a natural body alignment. In doing so it allows you to take a shot naturally and not having to fight your body to make a good shot. Very good point, thanks!


Did I just reveal my dark past? :grimacing:
Nope… as a handgun only user I would never be a part of sniper training… ever… :crossed_fingers: :love_you_gesture: :metal: :pinching_hand:

I am just another cook! At the number one dive bar in Western Washington voted to be a five-star dive bar.
I haven’t received a Michelin Star or a James Beard Award, but people love my cooking!



My kind of place.


Every Marine is a rifleman!

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SFMF - Good day Chesty, wherever you are!

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Been doing this training for a short time now. Starting out with a USCCA target. 5 & 10 yards using a Sirt Laser Training Fierarm
In home. 75% inside center mass chest area, 15% gray body area and the rest below the belt or over the shoulder. Going to practice this way till I get at least 99% center mass.


Mr. Cook… I mean @Todd30 . Do you want this drill in darkness / closed eyes?
Or do we just present the handgun without using sights and shoot 10 rds?

The range is the variant of possibilities, because you cannot control the lights at the range. Mt. Jerzy, I would like to see an experienced Helping hand as yourself do this in low light without using your sights, as I will be doing the same.

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OK then. I cannot control lights at the range, I do not have access to outdoor range after dark… so I will use SIRT and no light in my basement for now. Then the same blindfolded. Then I will try with closed eyes at the Range with live ammo !
Sound like a great challenge… especially when I’m going to challenge the best Cook on the “USS Missouri” :wink:


Practicing in low lights. I will be doing another one tonight.


Nighttime training, it was dark, but I could see the target. You are not as lucky.

Strong hand only since I had to hold the camera.

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Finally I have found time to setup my LASRX System. :slightly_smiling_face:

  1. Point shooting from 15 feet (my countertop with laptop is on 10 feet, so I couldn’t be closer than 15), normal light conditions. Drawing from OWB.

  1. Point shooting from 15 feet, blindfolded (camera didn’t pick the laser without light, so I just drew and shot with closed eyes)


  • no difference with time
  • nice tight group with eyes opened
  • a little expanded and not centered group with eyes closed
  • I’m generally satisfied - all shots hit 4" x 4" Target Zone #1 [there is a yellow sticky note inside the zone]

Next step - live fire at the Range. :metal:


September 10th is the full moon. It may be too bright but it’s the weekend! If it’s not raining, I might give it a try.

Point shooting, live fire, 12 feet (minimum my Range allows), 6" circles, draw from OWB holster.
4 attempts.

SIRT was super easy, live 9 mm rounds not so much… but draw and total time was very similar to LASRX version.

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SO, do you feel like point shooting has helped you with your aimed shooting?


Yes, point shooting is what I’m using for first 1 - 2 shots if I need fast draw and quick hits. Like the wise man said: “First hit wins”. There is not time for checking sights nor finding the dot.
Every next shot made with aiming is a hit because of natural point of aim established with first shots done with point shooting.

These 10 rds from drill were not aimed at all… and still can be considered as a perfect hit.
I’m guessing if the first point shooting rounds are in center, all next shots with sights or dot will land in the very tight group.