Senator Kennedy asks a nominee the same question 9 times

It is obvious that this judge thinks some criminals should not be punished.


So obvious that her answer, if she gave one, would be yes!
Also obvious she knows her answer would be wrong!


Louisiana and those he represents, you are so blessed.
We soooo need more men like this in DC and women as well to do what they were voted in to do, represent #WeThePeople


I wonder if she also means the opposite as well, some people should be punished for crimes they didnt commit. Social justice demands as much.


As I commented in another thread, I am astounded by the people, in this case a lawyer and potential federal judge, who can’t be bothered to learn the use of language appropriate to their profession. Using a lot of vague words in an attempt at simple evasion is childish. There is a relatively straightforward answer which could be heard as being even better than a simple “yes” or “no”, i. e., “Thank you for the question, Senator. While I may not personally agree that any defendant shown to be guilty on the facts should be exonerated based solely upon considerations of “social justice”, I do understand that policies enacted by Congress may compel certain actions in some situations, thus making my personal views irrelevant to the specific matter before me.”

There; I fixed it for her by using a bit of definitive ambiguity. I thought using language to artfully slither around questions was Politics 101.


The nominee is suffering from White Guilt and thinks that allowing ghetto people to run wild is a solution.

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I couldn’t watch the video. A minute in, I’m just thinking…what a piece of garbage. Some day I’ll be able to stand robots and their programmed speaking patterns, but I’d really just prefer it if she sat answering in her native language: “zero zero zero one one zero one zero one one one,” and so on.


I believe Senator Kennedy was absolutely right when he said at the end of the interview, “I can’t vote for you.” I mean, is this what we want, childish games, and trying to evade replying to a straightforward and incisive question?

Of course not.

Ms. Traum should be ashamed of herself for behaving like a biased political hack instead of the impartial jurist she is supposed to be.


Good video. I don’t trust a Louisiana Republican much farther than I can throw them. And I have a bad back. :grinning: