Self-Defense Weapons That Aren’t a Gun | USCCA Blog

Judging by the historic numbers of firearms and ammunition sales, Americans are frightened for their safety. But deadly force isn’t the only way to respond to a threat. Many people admit they don’t know if they could shoot someone or take a human life. I applaud those people for knowing their limitations. But they needn’t be defenseless. There are other self-defense weapons as viable options.

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I still shake my head in bewilderment that in my state, I can conceal carry almost any size of lethal firearm (some of us can conceal more than others), but these less lethal options are illegal.


I think I’ve mentioned this before, but on a cruise or overseas, or in an amusement park, I’ve carried my roll of quarters in my pocket. If I have to fist someone at least I’ll have a bit of weight to it… Or I guess you can break it open and dump them on the ground real quick as a distraction, then run!

They’re legal everywhere.

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