Self-Defense Vs. Self-Preservation

What Gun Owners Should Know About Using a Firearm in Self-Defense

A recent Gallop Poll on guns in America indicated that 88% of Americans own firearms for “protection against crime.” That is up 23% from the year 2000. Unfortunately, most gun owners don’t fully understand the ramifications and aftermath of a self-defense shooting. With that said, let’s look at the difference between Self-Defense and Self Preservation, and what gun owners should know about using a firearm for protection.


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Similar things were mentioned in latest Tom Givens RangeMaster’s newsletter:

Avoid, Evade, Escape, Deter.
Using defensive force of any kind carries with it inherent risk. No matter
how skilled you are, there is always a risk that you lose. Even when you
win, there is a risk of legal proceedings that may or may not turn out in
your favor. You will win every fight you don’t engage in. Leave your ego at
home. Deterring someone intent may take some verbal engagement. Cops
get “Verbal Judo” training, it would be wise to seek similar education.
You’re unlikely to be as eloquent as usual under duress.

Sometimes people ready to use the firearm are not aware about self-preservation.


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Very true! And is why we advocate holistic training.

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This also sounds like Steve Tarani’s methodology outlined in his book PreFense. Of course he has since, hired a better writer that has smoothed out the language. But the core meaning is still there.

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