San Diego County Says Gun Stores Are Not Essential Businesses and Should Not Be

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Not remotely surprised. The gun grabbers will us this situation to fan the flames of fear and hate. Watch these videos to see the irony:


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Mayor of El Cajon states and declared otherwise. He deems them essential, I would hope and guess that out in Needles CA who declared themselves a 2A sanctuary would deem them essential as well.

Poway’s Mayor Steve Vaus sent a letter to the President yesterday asking him to designate the firearm and ammunition industries as part of the national critical infrastructure.


Find the situation rich with irony. Quite a few Liberals are now seeking to become first time firearm owners but discovering it is just is not that easy for lawful citizens to apply, let alone to own one. Only illegal scumbag criminals get to ignore the laws and buy without the required background checks. :triumph: :unamused:

Side note, got contacted by one guy from LA trying to buy online. But he did not have a license, and he did not start the DROS. He shared he was a Democrat voter and anti-2A but felt it was important to have a gun just in case. I informed him about the basic requirements and he was shocked. He actually expected to be able to pick up the firearm during the same trip! :joy: :joy: :laughing:


The San Diego County Sheriff’s statement today on gun stores still operating during the County and the State Public Health Order restrictions


Both he and governor gavin newsom have been served with a federal lawsuit.


So crime, is picking up in our community, we had this guy prowling the block trying car doors at 4a Monday. 2 neighbors got broken into.

Then we had this guy who stole a car on the other side of the valley then was found near our street after he wrecked the stolen car and was hopping in yards climbing over wall trying to hide Monday afternoon.

If I were a betting man I’d say there would be some recovered items in the wreck, I’d also say he was probably heading towards the homeless RV that’s been hanging out up the main road near the freeway.

The county forced an RV park to close which displaced many homeless who were gathered there during the last rain storms.

The California courts just set misdemeanor crimes and “minor” felony crimes to zero bail.

LA city and Ventura county are holding at non essential so gun stores are closed there and no ammo can be sold either.