Same Place Different Guy - Released on Parole?

.8 miles from my place. This 7-11 has been a terrible spot for quite some time.

From the article:
“According to court records, Barajas-Macias was charged in Davis County’s 2nd District Court in September with two counts of drug possession with intent to distribute and obstruction of justice.”

“In July, he pleaded guilty to sexual abuse of child and in exchange, three counts of sodomy on a child were dismissed. A judge ordered him to be released from custody after his plea”

“He was sentenced on Sept. 12 — 10 days after being arrested in Davis County — to a term of one to 15 years in the Utah State Prison. But the prison sentence was suspended and Barajas-Macias was instead placed on four years of probation”

“A warrant was issued for his arrest on Oct. 19 for violating the conditions of his probation, according to court records. He was released from jail again on Nov. 16.”

Nothing screams I’m rehabilitated like being arrested and released multiple times.


Seems like I remember hearing a child sexual abuser can never be rehabilitated. Best thing to do is take them out in the woods, shoot’m in the head and leave the body there.


The first step in fixing such events is clearly identifying the problem, then a solution(s). In this case is the problem:

  1. Statutes in Utah are too lenient with no mandatory minimum sentences. If so, then folks in Utah need to unelect the legislators who refuse to reform sentencing and elect better legislators.

  2. The judges who impose sentences in Utah are too lenient. If so, then folks in Utah need to unappoint such judges and get better judges appointed. That’s basically a political process if judges are appointed via a nominating committee (as is true in my state, Colorado, and many others).

  3. The prosecutors who recommend sentences are too lenient. If so, then folks in Utah need to unelect such prosecutors and get better prosecutors.

I suspect you see where I’m going. It’s all about politics and being engaged in the selection/election of officials who will act in the community’s interest.


@Mark697 All these people are lenient with these criminals because they are afraid of the criminals so that they don’t come after them and their families. Crime is so out of control in this country. Laws are WORTHLESS anymore. We’re back to the wild-wild west era, lawlessness with no law and order. America is being trampled to :poop:. That goes to the worthless leadership as well. :fu: :laughing:


Before the community can elect politicians that have the community’s best interests at heart. The community has to have the community’s best interest at heart.


"Without ‘rules’ we live with the animals—Winston JW 1-4



so… you still live there? :smiling_imp:


The community’s best interest at heart is for total community disarmament, and that’s how politicians that have the community’s best interest at heart get elected to appease to the hearty community’s desire.


Actually, Utah just released a comprehensive set of sentencing and incarceration rules. Those guidelines were the work product of the Utah Sentencing Commission described as

“The Utah Sentencing Commission is a group of 28 statutorily designated and appointed members representing all facets of the state criminal justice system, including: judges, prosecutors, defense attorneys, legislators, victim advocates, law enforcement officials, treatment specialists, ethnic minority representatives, corrections officials, parole authorities, juvenile justice representatives, citizen representatives, and other stakeholders.”

Here’s their report:

2023-Sentencing-Release-Guidelines_3.1-.pdf (

If people don’t agree with those guidelines, then they need to work the local politics to get appointed to the Commission or meet personally with members of the Commission, or get members of the Commission “unappointed.” Grousing about individual cases does nada la squada. It’s all about actively working the process, which is politics.


One cannot have total disarmament until we get the guns out of the hands of criminals. One has to be armed to do that. We are armed…


Yes, some are definitely better as mulch/fertilizer than in their human form.


Criminals need to be shown “COMPASSION” in the criminal justice system, they are “sweet little victims too”. :sob: Yea WHATEVER! :smirk: :laughing:


As we do with our children. They do wrong, they are punished appropriately. Sometimes that means what would immediately appear to be more than needed, but a point sometimes requires honing.


Minimum mandatory sentence for child sexual abuse and sodomy…bullet to the dome.


You Hurt/Abuse an INNOCENT…
BANG! One to the back of the head or
Show them the Rope.
Thanks for Playing
Say hello to you boss downstairs for me
You will have plenty of company.


Agreed but here’s the rub, it’s not the legislators, it’s not the judges, it’s really not even the prosecutors. With indeterminant sentencing the decision often falls on the un-elected, appointed Parole Board, a Board that is responsible to no one.


Another problem currently with our system is the lack of will/courage of people on juries. The people on the juries are willing, sometimes, to convict. But when it comes to sentencing they have the moral conviction of a mouse. Most of us in America have it extremely easy and have now idea of the fortitude required to build this country. That’s why I love watching shows like 1883 and 1923. They show the hardships and challenges they confronted and overcame.


Couldn’t agree more. They want to act like animals, unleash and unmuzzle Fluffy! Let’s do this already! Appease this!


That doesn’t look like @Don102!