Safe storage in a safe room

Is it permissible to store firearms and ammunition in a lockable interior room in the house (think, safe room)? If that room is locked securely, is that considered locked storage?


That would likely depend on the specific storage requirements of the State and possibly local jurisdiction where you live.

As far as I know most States do not have any locked storage requirements let alone specific definitions of what locked storage means. But I believe a couple States do have or are trying to pass specific requirements. I think some cities have or are trying to impose requirements as well.

Regardless of legal requirements, I think it is a good idea to keep your firearms locked in a secure location that makes it as difficult as possible for thieves or children to gain access to them when they are not under our direct control.


For instance last I checked CA had laws saying that firearms must be stored in a home in a way that children and adults not allowed to posses firearms cannot access them. But there is no definition of exactly what that actually means. A closet with a hook at the top might or might not qualify depending on the age of the child involved. If a child or a disallowed adult did gain access and something bad happened it would likely be up to a jury to decide if the firearm was stored properly or not.

CA also requires handguns to be transported unloaded and locked in the trunk or in a locked case. Last I saw they had no definition of what a locked case was. So a cloth bag with a padlock through it might or might not qualify.


Yes, what’s perfectly legal elsewhere could be a violation in Cali


the advice given sounds good , but if I was you I would check into the local laws where you live to get the correct answer.


Hi. Some states may differ in there laws. If there are minors or intellectually disabled in the home, laws might be more strict (such as even separating and locking ammunition). Looser — if only competent adults. Not all are comfortable sharing which state they are asking about, but when they do, I notice many more responses. Be well. Good luck friend.

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How far do you take it?

I do have a friend who had a room in his basement that was locked with a steel door and combination lock to open it.

The whole room wasn’t fireproof though, and there was one wall that was nothing more than a stick built plasterboard wall,…

Sooo, kick through that wall and bypass the steel door altogether.

Was it locked and secured?


As secure as say a liberty safe?

Pretty much, (be honest, a sawsall and enough time and your safe is open!)

Now, put an interior door with a bathroom “lock” knob on that room,… and I would NOT call it a secured space.

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Does Stealth count as secure. Out of sight Out of mind?


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Probably fine in most but not all locations from a legal standpoint. Though for people with young kids in the house they shouldn’t underestimate the kids curiosity and ability to get into things they shouldn’t. My son learned very early on how to defeat those “child proof” drawer latches. He also would climb up the shelves in our closets so he could hang out on the top ones.

There are unfortunately more than a few stories of kids getting into trouble after finding firearms that their parents probably felt were well hidden.


I bought a Stack-on (assembly required), as secure as a filing cabinet, but meets California standards.
As already suggested, check your local laws, meet the minimum requirements, then go from there.

What would be California standards, no door?