Gun Safes Will Get You Killed-Home Defense


Now there is a click-bait title if I ever saw one.

Personally, I don’t want to watch a video whose title is a lie.

Related note: There is a difference between storing and staging. Your available firearms for defense should probably be staged, not stored.

ETA: And both storing and staging can be done using a “gun safe”


It is not the safe or your safe that is the major concern. I did not post this to lie to you, I posted to give information that could stop the demands by the president and the democrats to unload all firearms and lock away in a safe and it take minutes to reassembly and reload your firearm to stop intruders that has threatened to kill you or your family.

Do not abuse me. Please do not misunderstand and this is not a lie.


So it’s not that the gun safe will get you killed, it’s that putting your home defense firearm into a slow access safe, unloaded, and unassembled, might get you killed.

I believe gun safes are good. I have them. I use them. I recommend others use them.

But much like firearms, automobiles, and alcohol, safes also must be used correctly or they can get you killed.


The idea purpose of a safe is to keep your guns safe when you are away at work, or you are just not at home. If you do not secure your guns in a safe, then whoever finds them keeps them.

As for the video, when you listen, he states that, “If you live in California…” and that the state law requires you to keep your gun locked up. The only place I ever seen that had, “Have you mugged your grandmother today?” bumper stickers.

There is nothing wrong with gun safes in your car for when you absolutely have to leave it in your car and go into a courthouse or into a school.

As for me, my guns are in a safe which is hidden. If you do not know it is there than you do not have to worry about it. If you end up finding it with some luck than it is locked up in the safe. I have safe guns. :rofl: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


Does Kalifornia prohibit on-person carry in the home?

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Last I checked you were allowed to carry a firearm in your own home or on your own property.

Also last I checked CA has a requirement that firearms not in your direct possession must be inaccessible to children. There have been CA proposals to mandate locking up firearms and locking the ammunition in a separate container but last I checked that had not passed yet. Though I have heard of people being arrested for transporting unloaded firearms with a loaded magazine in the same case even though there is no law stating this is illegal and the CHP website used to have a page saying you can legally do this.

In CA you don’t have to break the law to be arrested if you are trying to exercise your right to self defense. Though real violent criminals seem to have a hard time getting arrested if they try.

I am not a lawyer, this is not legal advice and all CA firearm laws are subject to change at any moment without notice or warning.


Dear People

Everyone is correct. The States like New York and
California prefers you lock every firearm and weapon
used for home and self defense purposes to destroy
Everything and their definition of a safe is very dangerous and is illegal.

We have SAFES for Storing our firearms to keep
our equipment and ammunition in Safety. There is
nothing wrong with having a Safe of any type, but we
are King and Queen and in control.

The Government is crazy to want us to bury our firearms and make them impossible to defend ourselves.

I am not the bad person here. I am 2A and Pro Gun.

If anyone that separates their Ammunition and
Firearms from each other, it will make impossible to
defend ourselves and families.


I don’t think anyone here is calling you the bad person.

Someone pointed out that the video title was click bait and I do agree with that. Safes won’t get you killed if used properly and when used properly they can actually save lives.

But I also agree that locking up your home defense firearm and ammo in separate safes and/or slow access safes is very dangerous in the event of a home invasion and won’t make anyone safer.

I personally do lock up my home defense firearms in quick access safes because I have a young child in my home. But those firearms are ready to go and I have practiced so I can access them quickly.


The title was not my writing on that video, the
Author was. It was shorten by me to fit the title box.

I appreciate you and I agree with you and thank you
for your help. My desire is to help others not
down grade anyone. I am still learning and you will
not find that all in a technical manual.

Thank you


Just remember @Nathan57 is a master Word Smith.