Rocky Mountain Heist

Rocky Mountain Heist [Full Documentary]

How Colorado got “Flipped”. I lived in Colorado before this went down. Beautiful place with some really nice folks. All it takes is a focus group, deep pockets, someone sleeping at the wheel and others with the will to make changes. Unfortunately, the changes included depriving folks of their Constitutional rights. Is this happening in your neck of the woods?

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sadly, its a major problem in my home state; the devils-rats have a put bull like hold on the legislature thanks to tons of out of state money and enough mislead useful idiots voting them into office I had contemplated retiring in Colorado before the commie flip. looks less appealing now.


@Leroy Thank you for your input. After reviewing this sleeper film a few times I see party lines but I also see opportunists at their worst. The only consistency in life is change. Principled folks don’t need to change their principles to meet those changes. Complacency is the culprit. Settling for the status quo. We all get stuck in our ruts while life whizzes bye. It is easy to ignore changes going on around us. Honesty is a hard pill to swallow. These politicians got outflanked by their opponents. Dirty tricks were used to manipulate the circumstances. The aware attacker always has the upper-hand against a “comfortable” static defense. One guard asleep on post and game over.

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