Risk Protection Order

Teenager takes a firearm and large amount of ammunition to school and is caught on school grounds possessing it.
Judge says there is no proof he was going to shoot up the school and allows teen to keep the firearm.
County Sheriff Grady Judd is very upset with judges decision of no RISK PROTECTION ORDER.


:roll_eyes: We will see what happens next week. :thinking:


This was at Lakeland High School in Florida. Wonder if De Santis will weigh in?


Dammit, plot foiled, agenda delayed, can’t go all fruit loops cray cray blaming guns and damning legal law abiding gun owners yet again. Uvalde was like, so last week…Buffalo, ancient history…and the black guy shooting whites in the subway…well, ya’ never saw that one…
Smells like rat.


Only proves once again gun control doesn’t work


Of course there was no proof! Liberals need bodies. When you’re trying to repeal the 2A you send out your best shooters. He got caught!
The judge just authorized an active shooter event, the red flag is on the judge! Is this an instance of deaf, dumb and blind justice!
I want that kids lawyer!


First time I read about this so had to dig just enough to get an idea what’s the fuss.

The case at hand involves an 18-year old who is accused of bringing a loaded Glock .380 and two boxes of ammunition to Kathleen High School in early May. According to his arrest affidavit, Terrance Broome Jr. told detectives “I’m scared someone is trying to kill me.”
“Even if you accept what he said on face value, what’s the two extra boxes of ammunition for?” said Sheriff Judd.

He’s an 18-year old. USCCA folks in Florida, is he even old enough to own and/or possess a handgun?


Okay if it’s “gifted”…hmmm…but don’t think you can bring one to “show and tell.”


Hard to say what is actually going on in this case without all the facts. But I could see a kid being threatened by another kid and fearing for his life. I could also see some kid who gets his firearm training from video games thinking he needs all the ammo he can get for the prolonged battle he has dreamed up in his head. When you find that magic ammo resupply box all your magazines usually get magically refilled.

It would be a very poorly planned and equipped active murderer situation if he had to stop and completely reload what sounds like his 1 magazine every time he ran dry. If his motives were purely self defense and he felt that threatened he obviously should have gone to the cops instead of to school. But teenagers don’t always make rational plans.

A dangerous situation regardless of what his true motivations were.


He did get away with it, didnt he.
It being an attempted sale of a gun and ammo to fellow gang banger on school grounds.
Of course, we dont have all facts, so it is purely a conjecture.