Rise in gun crime despite government clampdown after terror attack


New Zealand tried their so called “gun buy back”( or gun confiscation) program in 2019-2020 and collected roughly 56,000 fire arms, so here it is 2021, and guess what, they are doing another gun confiscation, the first one was a marketing program according to their national police party spokesman, and then couldn’t confirm weather it made them safer or collected all illegal firearms, that’s because some gun owners turned them in and the gangs and criminals did not, so what dose that tell you, all these the so called “gun control bills” that the democrats want or have submitted will not work, that’s what a lot of senators and congressman have been saying for how many years now, so we can say that New Zealand’s gun control law didn’t work, and it won’t work in this country, that’s what everybody needs to understand.


They get what they wish for! Here’s an idea, let’s free all the prisoners, defund the police, and take away all law abiding means of self defense and make crime legal!
I remember a little guy with a mustache and an ego the size of earth, loved killing people! Took all their guns too! Not today, not to me, not to my family, maybe upon death!
Give up your guns welcome to your new neighborhood!