Riffing on all the crap I carry lol

So, I hadn’t owned a fire arm in a decade or so. But over the last two years, my ROE has been flipped on its head.

I always walked through with a pocket knife and paid attention to the people and surroundings.

Now I have an energetic six year old that doesn’t know a stranger and a fiancé that is recovering from years of abuse and neglect from a marvelous person now serving 13-life. Thankfully he’s in another time zone.

So now, I have a double stack stricker fire sporting a RMR and a TLR 1 that is there to keep the firearm from being shoved out of battery. OC spray and a Kabar folder general purpose knife. Next up is the trauma kit lol. Anyone else going through this?


Welcome Garrett, My new Brother

Most of us here are going through this DAILY Sir
The world is changing before our eyes on a regular basis.
New Tools and Toys, load outs and Boots
Perfecting our Craft.
The Storm is Coming my friend, We are all feeling it.
Good Luck to you and yours, they are looking to you to be their SHEEPDOG.
A herculean task in today’s climate.
Train like your and their life depends on it, Because it does.
We are here for you (and you for us) Together we are NEVER ALONE!

No Easy Days Bruh
Stay Frosty


I like your list of stuff. Firearm as the definitively best lethal force option, pocket knife is a great tool to have, less than lethal (usable at some range, even) with the spray (go for the eyes), and going for medical (many of us fail to do the medical on your person agle)…sounds like you’re definitely on the right track for gear.

Just remember, mindset > skillset > gearset so keep up on the training/education for that skillset and rock on


Welcome! Now that you have gotten all your basic bases covered, it’s time for some TRAINING!
beyond basic firearms training, I think everyone that CCW’s needs to at least have basic medical training. BLS and STB classes at minimum. You are 10x more likely to need medical training than firearms training in your day to day life. Being able to render appropriate aid, AFTER a shooting to any and all victims is sadly VERY over looked in my experience. The USCCA first aid class is also another very good option.

Basic Life Support BLS Training | American Heart Association CPR & First Aid

STOP THE BLEED - Save a Life | Stop the Bleed


Have yet to find a reason to carry OC spray unless I’m in bear country but others have, it’s all good. I don’t need less than lethal stuff. It’s either on or not.

A knife is as useful and lethal at get off me ranges as your firearm and usually faster to deploy especially if you need to do so quietly and without attracting attention. Get good blades and practice deploying FAST and have a right AND left hand option. And whatever you teach your right hand your left hand needs to learn too.


Bear in mind a lot of scenarios justify force but not lethal force. Generally speaking, a left/right (hand/fist) is considered equal to if not lesser than the level of force of OC spray, and OC spray can help your left/right be more effective (or not needed as you are able to dodge and get away)

have to be careful not coming across as it’s either no force at all, or lethal force, that whole if all you have is a hammer (gun) everything looks like a nail (lethal force) you don’t want to get into


If your EDC accoutrements begin to exceed the weight and balance limits of your belt consider getting a belt that is also a weapon.

I have one on order and the proprietor is a veteran. His sales videos are awesome.

On a different note, it’s easy to cross the line from tactically prepared to geardo…. It’s not how many options you bring to the fight - it’s your proficiency with the options you have that matters.

Stay Safe!


Please Please Please, make sure The Little Person can NEVER get a hold of your Firearm, Your Knife or your Defensive Spray. Little folks are very curious. Other than that, keep track of the ‘X’ he might be a bit pissy when he get’s out…


Love the nex belt I have.

A time or two, he’s walked into my bedroom when I was putting the firearm in the safe, he sees what I am doing and walks away. It’s great that he doesn’t seem to pay it much mind. Gonna have to fight hard to get his mother to let him start learning more than the basics of firearms.

As for the ex, I think of few ways for him to cause problems but so far, no contact.


@Garrett33 , welcome to the Community :handshake:

I like your choice of tools.
All levels covered.

Having less lethal tools is important. Most of interactions don’t require lethal weapon.
We always should choose the tool equivalent to the situation.

OC spray is a great tool for everyone. A lot of people don’t have bare hands fighting skills so OC is a first choice for most of confrontations.
Firearms is always a choice of last resort. Hopefully never need to be drawn.


Agreed. Would like brush up the LINEs hand to hand with some Krav Maga. Unfortunately I’m still in my second job season.




Thank you.


Do it. There are a few of us on here that do it regularly.


With first aid / trauma kits, learn how to use them right. It will make that moment a lot smoother.


And for those of us who would rather not go hand to hand anymore. (Heavy sigh):face_exhaling:
A new walking stick/cane I just finished from a gnarly branch I trimmed off our Apple Tree.


“You listen here sonny, you think I need this stick for walking? Well no, I carry it just for you”

“That’s why you little bastard…!”


Don’t make me shake my stick at you… Little whipper snapper. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


@Garrett33 Welcome to the community!


Hello and welcome @Garrett33