Riding It Out: Ammo Shortages, SHOT Show and Scrambling to Shoot | USCCA

Some of you may have noticed that everything’s gotten a little weird in the firearms world over the last 9 or 10 months.

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A very informative and inspiring article. I pray the earth is not broken and back to normal by July.

This holds true only if the Biden admin doesn’t pull some anti constitutional policy’s.

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I would disagree on your timeline for ammo availability to stabilize. I don’t see this happening for the next year or longer. Yeah I’m a pessimist but with dems. holding the executive and legislative branches it will not improve and likely crumble again. If I’m wrong I will post an apology to you and the forum. If any availability returns price increases will be a certainty.


Thanks for the article. I have just started ordering directly from the manufacturer. I’m having to pay about $1 per round for JHP, but I saw that price on store shelves for some brands pre-COVID. I don’t like paying that much, but I also don’t want to run out. Sometimes they have it in stock, and sometimes they don’t. I just check every few days. At some point, things will improve.

I have been purchasing 9m, 223, 308 rounds for years, with both Dems and Rebubs at the helm.

Nothing, (I repeat) nothing has changed that fundamental ability. I say this to say that the incoming Executive, Senate, House branches won’t change this ability either.

Its all attributed to supply and demand, people worrying there will be none to buy. Its there now its just costly… When we run out altogether and never is any more to be made, then I will worry.

Unti such time, I continue to buy and stock up…

We’ve been here before. Remember back when Obummer was elected president? Same panic buying and the resultant shortages. It passed then and it will pass now. I personally took the approach of buying a few boxes of ammo every now and then just as a precaution. The result was I no longer had room in my safe for the firearms for all the ammo that had piled up!! I still have a good supply and do not have to sweat a shortage.
I am disappointed in my go to company for mail order ammo. I ordered a few boxes of 223 and a few boxes of 9MM from Lucky Gunner last week. The price was very high but that is the way it is. However, I’m a Buy American kind of guy and was shocked when the ammo arrived. The 223 was made in Russia and the 9MM was made in Bosnia Herzegovina!! That was not mentioned, to my recollection, in the website. So, buyer beware.

My spouse bought ammo ahead of time before all this happened. We need more to go, and we have enough for now. I’m currently looking through sites to buy the leftovers.

I just got into firearms this year in July so I’m late to the game. I basically would shift through Ammoseek and Gunbroker daily and look for the best $ / round price I could find. I’ve found some decent deals and have managed to stock up on 9mm range ammo, HPs and .223 ammo. I’ve also adopted the habit of finding good deals and making small purchases as I can. Buying 1000 at one shot isn’t in the cards for me right now.

I don’t see things getting any better in the future. I see things getting far worse. This administration’s goal is to make ammo. so expensive you can’t buy it. Firearms also.
The shelves are bare now and it won’t get any better under Biden.
When Obama was elected I made a practice of purchasing a 50 round box every week whether I went to the range or not. The last time I was in Walmart they don’t even sell ammo. Our freedoms are slowly being eroded away. If you need it buy it before all is taken away.


You hit it in a nutshell. The folks that think that this will resolve itself are delusional. It will only get much worse.

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