Responsibly Armed Apparel - Grey Man Style

If you’re responsibly armed and like to show your patriotism without giving away that you’re armed, this is the sweatshirt for you! The subtle flag on the back keeps this hoodie classy/casual.

Did you pick one of these up at the 2019 Expo? If so, post a selfie of you in the sweatshirt. (If you didn’t get a chance to pick it up at the Expo, now’s your chance! Click here!)

Do you prefer hoodies or zip-up sweatshirts when you carry?


Zip up. I am to old for a hoodie.


Both…a hoodie with a zipper. I’ll never understand why anyone would prefer pullovers for jackets.


zip-up sweatshirts :+1:

I usually do not wear sweaters but when I do It is not a zip up. I usually wear my Cardhart Jacket.

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Hoodie… no zipper, because that is sooooo 1970’s (along with striped tube socks, et al).

I wear pull-overs quite a bit.

When the “winter” weather hits, I wear a hoodie, but I have been known to sport a Huxtable sweater occasionally.

I prefer a zip up fleece that breathes (my favorite is the NF Denali). I’ll layer that with a windstopping winter coat (preferably with a detachable hood) in the winter. I also prefer not to wear cotton sweaters/hoodies in general.

Side note: be careful with the cords on the sides of sweaters/hoodies when carrying… even open pockets can snag.

In the dead of winter, I might wear a t-shirt under my hawaiian shirt. Maybe.


I feel like most young people would prefer hoodies, while the older we get (or larger) we’d prefer zip up sweatshirts.

Neither. In the "too hot to wear a jacket months, a loose, un-tucked, button-up shirt conceals nicely. In jacket weather, the Berne Echo One One or Lightweight Bravo One One do the job nicely.

Zip up for flexibility.