Responding to the question Should I carry a gun

I don’t believe everyone should carry a gun. Some people are not willing to invest the time, or financial resources to train with a gun. Others, are to quick to judgement. I fully understand, and accept the physical inconvenience, and the mental knowledge of the burdens associated with carrying a firearm. I pray to God I never have to even pull my defensive firearm on another human being, but would do so in the blink of an eye to protect my family, friends, and myself. I know there would be legal(USCCA TO THE RESCUE) and mental fallout, but, I will cross that bridge when, and if, I come to it. I encourage others to do this self examination of themselves to see if they can live with the consequences. And, if they can live with the consequences of possibility needing a gun, and not having it. When seconds count, the police are minutes away.


I’ve had that conversation a few times… the “people like you” doesn’t happen often. I have often asked “what if I were to carry?” and people are usually quick to say “oh, I’d be fine with YOU doing it, just not others”
Well… what do you think “they” might do?
If I can get an answer to that, say “randomly shoot people”, I’ll start walking the “them” out…
What about your doctor, would he do that? What about your kids teacher? What about the gal who colors your hair? The school bus driver? Your mechanic? The checker at the grocery?
If they’ll travel that far with me, we can start to talk about how they’re generalizing a fear to "potential perpetrators " without any thought or sense. We can talk about the safety of having sane, decent people, like me, carry.
If we cant get past “people like you”, I’ll usually excuse myself by explaining that I don’t think friendships with people who think I’m dangerously unstable work very well, and be done with them.


I fully agree with you all. If you are not willing to pull the trigger and live with the consequence. Dont own a gun for self defense. I have a friend I hunt with. Great hunter and shot. The idea of having to kill another human is to much…


Yes with all the crazy antifas out there I need to carry a gun. Could I actually draw and shoot? Yes I wouldn’t be bothered the least. Am I prepared for the aftermath? I’m a member of USCCA.



With the way that is phrased, if you ever did have to draw and fire at someone in antifa you would find yourself being prosecuted. That statement reads as “calous disregard of human life”.

I’m not saying you wouldn’t be in the right, but think for a moment where antifa operates. Extremely left wing anti gun cities and states. That means the prosecuting attorneys will be of the same mind set.

Watch what you put out there so it doesn’t come back to bite you if the worst comes to happen.