Say what you need to say about - Should I shoot?

Hey. Let’s say you have a bad guy pointing his gun on a family member or a friend asking for money or something else. He is just a few feet from you and you present your gun having a better shoot to his head than his body. Thinking that if maybe you shoot to his chest that bad guy can still mark some rounds to your family memeber. Would you shoot? It is legal to shoot at that part of the body under that condition? Give me some thoughts

Yes it would be legal. Your loved one is in imminent danger, and that is the shot you have. I would take the shot, personally. We shoot to stop the threat, and a shot to the cranium will do that.


I’ll take a shot. You save your Family at the first place… Thinking comes later…
I’m wondering what attorneys are going to say here.


The legal part is what would a reasonable person do? We have armed ourselves and taken classes to help us express what we already have determined is reasonable in case of the danger of life to ourselves or our loved ones. If we have trained for such an condition taking the shot is reasonable. We have purchased legal defense from USCCA for just such and occasion. If there is any doubt or reluctance on our part it would be best to leave our weapon holstered, in my opinion, because you haven’t fully committed to the reason you want to draw in the first place, to save a life. Lack of commitment can cause a mistake, also my opinion.

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