Report on the Hunter Biden Laptop

From the provided material- “Marco Polo is a non profit research group exposing corruption and blackmail to drive an American renaissance.”

This “illustrated” report is EXTENSIVE. It is best viewed on a computer screen instead of a phone.

This organization put a lot of effort into this report. The authors state that the information on the laptop “definitively implicate the sitting President, Joe Biden” (Page 5 of 644)

Recall that the FBI has had a copy of the laptop contents for over 5 YEARS.


Lord knows I love ya Ron, You are a Patriot.
But all this crap means NOTHING!
Obama’s actually running the Country! Shocking!
Charges of Treason never get filed against Pudding
Numba 1 son is on trail for lying on the 4473…
(If any of us did that we would have Been J6’ed or shot in
the head like Brian Malinowski by the ATF!)
I just said in another thread:" WE DO NOTHING!"
The Right holds Congressional inquiries and yells at wrongdoer’s
and nothing happens.
Millions and Millions of Chickens are burned up and this isn’t Terrorism?
(Depleting our Nations Food supply—oh! that’s Tragic!)
Genocide Joey depletes our Oil reserve and doesn’t refill them in case of WAR?
‘He’s doing a good job’

Ridiculous. If this Crackhead Son gets convicted the Criminal Elite will simply PARDON HIM.
‘He’s Clean now, stop picking on him!’
'you shouldn’t talk about the Criminal Case against Trump and call it ‘Rigged’! That’s just un American


My bet is that even if Hunter is convicted, due to it being a Federal Crime, Hunter is pardoned by the Big Guy, you know Puddin Pants.


From Starship Earth (Woo-Woo, Tin foil site I Love) Give it a read!
Hunter Biden goes on trial for proven gun crimes and gets a jury stacked with former drug addicts that will be sympathetic to him.

He will of course get acquitted and in between I’m sure a million and one favors, inconsistencies and flat out criminality in the justice system will be exposed.

Normies lose their shyt even more.
Just sayin’ (you know it’ll happen just this way!)


It’s like Fox read my mind and printed this opinion piece!

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