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It’s a couple of days into the Alabama Spring Turkey hunting season. I am a member of a small hunting club very close to my home. The day before the season opened I was scouting for fresh turkey in a area I planned to hunt. I was surprised to find what you see in the attached photo’s. I will not call the person responsible for this a hunter, He is a thief, liar, and poacher. Baiting for turkey is strictly forbidden. You might as well go to a barnyard and shoot chickens if you call this hunting. I contacted my local Game Warden and it’s his case now. I’ve made some club members upset by my actions, but I figure if you don’t have some people who don’t like you then you probably have not taken a serious stand on something. I do not tolerate thieves , liars, and game hogging poachers. Thanks for letting me rant.

I should add that his baiting actions have now made it illegal for me to hunt the area until all bait is remove or consumed 10 days prior to hunting. Since it can not be cleaned up I must wait until it is consumed which likely means no turkey hunting on property I paid to hunt this season.


I appreciate you being ethical anyways. Sorry about the eh-hole.
When my son was in grammer school, the bus driver would stop and let the kids off the bus to chase the turkeys out of the road.

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Got a good one >> in our State the State opened up public hiking trails thru State land open for hunting

  • “ hunters Must wear fluorescent orange while hunting “ but the hikers don’t.

Not only is this a safety Issue it has caused numerous hunter hiker confrontations.
our state also introduced Fisher cats into our largest State forests to illuminate gray squirrels.
PS: I should have got out of Dodge City a long time ago but I missed the boat.
I did try to move to Australia in the 70s but it fell thru.

Are they genetically modified to produce light, or do they carry flashlights? :rofl: Sorry, I could not resist. The hunters wearing “fluorescent orange” is what gave me that idea, I believe.

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Each Fisher cat was given a free flash light from Our “ temporary “. State income Tax that should have been removed many years ago.
The Fisher Cats are doing well at keeping the Wild Turkey and stocked
Pheasant population down.

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Cudos to you for doing the right thing. Last year during deer season I found a buck that had been gut shot and left to die. Didnt think much beyond bad luck and poor tracking until I found orange flagging leading down the ridge right to the deer. I called the local game warden to report it when we reached camp. My friends that i went hunting with were pissed because the game warden was in the area all weekend but far as im concerned, if you’re legal you have nothing to worry about.


As a kid, my brother told of a couple of incidents with local control officers while duck hunting with his friends. One, where the officer recommended they remove the plugs from their shotguns (obviously illegal); and another where the officer claimed he quickly discharged more rounds than allowed loaded (which is not readily possible with a plugged shotgun). Presumably, the officer attempted to set them up for a future violation the first time.

That seems odd to me. If the person tracked it, why, then, leave it? If his intent was just to make the animal suffer and die, why track it? I guess I just do not understand people like that. I am not a hunter, so I am quite ignorant about poaching and those that do what you stated.

My guess, and its just judging by the way ive seen hunters act in this area, is they were a bit of a “prima donna” and didnt want to dress a gut shot animal.

Heres a few pics that i have of it.

Okay, I understand now, and I agree that is not right, especially in areas with a lot of predators. I do know that there are more issues with dressing an animal with a gut wound, but that is still no excuse for that behavior. Thank you for the explanation.

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