Spring hunting?


Who’s got plans for spring hunting? What will you be hunting and what’s your favorite part of hunting in the spring?


I’m like Ron White, it’s really early, really cold and I don’t want to go. LOL I do enjoy hearing other’s stories and seeing their take every year though. Turkey season is here in Tennessee and I’m anxiously awaiting to hear gunfire in the woods around the house. I’ve already seen some big birds on my way in and out of my neighborhood.


I think Turkey tastes bad. So I hunt for morel mushrooms.

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Crappie, Blue Gill, and Red Ear. More commonly known as fishing.

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@James and @45IPAC - last I checked, you don’t need a firearm to hunt those :rofl:

Happy hunting you two!

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You never know.

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hunt me some walleye…but I’ll carry while I fish


Nope, you sure don’t. Eventually after I graduate, and get a job, I’ll be traveling out of state during spring to hunt black bear or hogs.

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I live in southern middle TN. I would love to go turkey hunt but have to get a shotgun first. I went with my sone one time. Sorta like deer hunting but your sitting on the ground instead of in a tree stand. The solitude of sitting out in the woods of total silence except for the birds singing, squirrels jumping from limb to limb as the wind whistling through the trees let’s you think of your thoughts.


I haven’t been turkey hunting in a decade or more, but I hit one with my truck the other day, so does that count? Didn’t stop to get pictures since he hit the front of my grill and is in the shop being replaced today.

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I almost hit one on the way to work this morning, @Damon - had to be at least 50 lbs! It was as big as my dog!!

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@Dawn the one that took the grill out in my International had to be between 20-30 lbs

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I saw one about that size take out a Toyota Corolla last year on the freeway. It hit and shattered the windshield - the driver hit the ditch :frowning:

The car was a wreck, but thankfully the driver was fine.

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