Rendering aid to the bad guy you just shot

Personally any trauma kit I’ll be carrying will be for wounded civilians or myself.The theoretical guy I just shot…should thru some miracle live…I would watch him roll around and bleed till the cops or EMS show up.Opinions?


We had this discussion once or twice before (example: Duty to render aid? - Legal & Second Amendment - USCCA Community ( But it’s been awhile.

Any time you’re going to claim self-defense, the words you choose are important. I wouldn’t say “I watched him roll around and bleed.” It would be better to say that you maintained security until help arrived. It would be better still to say “I will cooperate 100%, but first I need my attorney.” (See the back of your USCCA card.)

As a moral question, I have no problem rendering aid IF the scene is secure and the subject is no longer a threat. But that’s a huge if. Professional first responders wouldn’t typically attempt such a thing when they’re alone; it ideally takes a team to secure the scene and verify that the suspect is no longer a threat.


This is the third post in an hour that I have found disturbing for the callous way it portrays the self defense minded who are gun owners. While the points made may be valid and good, the way they are articulated or represented none the less gives the appearance of cruel and heartless vigilante types.

I think that is by far the least common type of responsible gun owner, It would behoove us to be thoughtful in how we express things. I get that criminals being coddled is a bad thing for multiple reasons, but honestly, I don’t like seeing tough equated with crude or heartless, largely because I don’t think it’s true of real men, or responsible people.

I’m not buying it, and it’s a little suspicious to me.


I’m no tough guy.I have seen the worst humans have to offer,so I have my own (opinion) that being the key word.The military didn’t teach us to shoot to wound,quite the opposite.So you render aid…your a better man than me I guess.I knew when I posted this I would be hearing how much of a lesser man I am…I’m prepared for that.


Actually, we were taught often that we do render aid to wounded adversaries:

  1. when safe to do so
  2. after U.S. personnel and allies have been treated

This is nothing new. But again, rendering aid with a buddy while your platoon secures the scene is a much different scenario than rendering aid by yourself, with no one watching your back.


I’ll be blunt. I didn’t say you were a lesser man, nor do I think I am a “better” man. If you served, thank you for your service and you fight like you train, as goes the axium.

My point is, if someone sounds like a skilled and paid troll because they like to talk tough and rough and make us all look like heartless bruits, it suits the anti gun crowd wonderfully, I’d prefer we not do that.

put plainly, your not helping, in my opinion, but that IS just one guys opinion .

Edit: PS, I did try to look up your profile to see who I was talking too before I made comment, but your profile is hidden, which partly shapes the opinion expressed.


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Thank you Bruce.


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Legally speaking!


I have my reasons for no public profile Has nothing to do with this subject.


Not a lawyer, not legal advice, opinion.

This person just posed an imminent threat of serious bodily harm or death, don’t approach them. Call 911 ASAP and get police and an ambulance so the professionals can get there and do their job as soon as possible.


My thinking exactly.Thank you.


I agree, I wouldn’t likely approach them either unless the situation was safe, not faulting that at all.


The battle we have been loosing in this country when it comes to our 2A rights, is a battle not of true merit, but the battle over how the anti-2a can make things look, how they can make the subject APPEAR to the uneducated or to those who have never faced the ugly side of humanity.

A lot of my efforts are in that direction of trying to counter that deliberately skewed view they like to give people. for what it’s worth.


I’m an old vet from the deep south.Sometimes I come off wrong or let’s say off color to some I could benefit from a slight case…and I mean slight of political correctness…can’t really believe I just said that…


Laughing here because I could say the very same, and feel the same about it. If I waited till I could say everything perfectly, I would never get to speak.

I can like and respect you for it, glad I stuck around to find that out.


Yeah, that was already discussed… but worth to repeat.
My trauma kid is for me. However I’m not going to watch somebody dying so I’ll call 911 to let them do their job.

I know it’s my human’s obligations to help others… but once somebody attacks me… this obligation has already gone.


Happy Anniversary brother @Trever1 and God bless you.

  1. Old
  2. Vet
  3. Southern

It’s not your fault, the universe intended for you to scare people. :laughing:


Would the bad guy render aid to you? Probably not.