Armed threat, shot person, friend/partner has no training


You’re driving with your buddy, and you find on the road you find 2 individuals who are engaging into a fist fight.

During that fist fight, someone shoots the other person and runs off.

You’re with a friend but your friend doesn’t have any type of training.

What is the next plan, how are you going to secure the scene, what are you telling your friend, are you preforming first aid if you have any kind of medical training?

If you don’t have medical training already, now is the time to start.

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OK, I’ll bite.

Why is it my job to secure the scene?
If I’m not sure whether the gunman is still hanging around or not, then any attempt to render first aid might result in additional casualties.

Call 911 first. Don’t get out of the car until things seem safe.


There’s a reason, why first responders don’t get out of their vehicle’s until LEO’S secure the scene.


You mean the social workers? :rofl:


Do you already have a plan on how you would respond to a situation such as this?


1970’s maybe 80’s get out and help!

2022, call 911, stay in my lane, go home, crack open a beer with the friend, start training! As far as a plan, don’t plan on being there!

Have a nice day, it was probably a couple of liberals, fighting over whether he was she or if they, him or it was fluid enough to save the climate!

I’m not sure I would even call 911. Not my problem! I’m not a first responder ( except in my home or my car ), I’m not law enforcement, I’m not a witness, not my business.
This is not the good old days in the “neighborhood”! The streets are filled with liberal assassins, cartels and gangs!
That firearm attached to my hip is for my safety and the safety of loved ones, no more no less! My plan , go home with no holes in my body!


No but it got me thinking when watching a force on force show, like hey this guy is shot, if you’re going to get involved, and the guy is running away, jump in and start first aid. First aide needs applied ASAP to save a life. You could move a vehicle or drag the person behind cover.


You need to clean up your writing. “You’re on the road”. Are you driving, stopped at a bar, restaurant or at a hotel in their bar? You two come across acpl guys fighting in the road?

“You’re on somebody” what do you mean? Your traveling buddy is in a fight or you’re in a fight stopping the other guy’s friends from joining? How close of friends are you with the other guy. From what I think you mean; I grab my buddy and get the hell out of Dodge. Sounds like you’re in a place where you don’t want to be. Not my circus, not my monkeys.


Sorry I think one way and type another.

I’d say a residential area. It’s supposed to be you see 2 people fighting not you’re on somebody. And I’d say you’re driving.

Drive a safe disance away and call 911.

I’m not going to secure the scene.

Even if I have medical training, I’m probably not losing all situational awareness to go render aid to a random stranger who was just in an altercation with at least one armed hostile at large


I have that problem too. I think faster than I can type and leave a lot of things out that are clear in my mind.


Observe and review report. Call 911 as soon as it’s safe.


Maybe it’s the bad guy that got shot and the guy running away is actually the victim of a crime.


Yup, maybe it’s a fake shooting and they are waiting for you to run over and help.
Thats the problem with third party encounters, even if you witnessed them. :thinking:


Good point friend, the unknown sucks. The most important thing is to keep our friends and families safe.


Yeah, I was thinking about an ambush as well.


I “Think” I would instinctively try to help the guy, even if it was to drag him into my vehicle and drive off. What’s really Sad about this is the fear we have, might get hurt, might get sued, might get arrested. We have turned into a society living in fear of the dark side, afraid I might run into the bad guy etc. I like to think Good will Triumph over evil. I sure there are those that would call my foolish.

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I don’t think I live in fear. At the same time I think our legal system doesn’t give a sh1t who it puts in jail for the crime. I also don’t want to be put through the grinder of defending my innocence which could make me homeless and in debt until the day I die. But I will defend myself if it ever comes down to either him or me.


Having taken first aid courses numerous times, and being a lifeguard a number of years decades ago, the fact that one needs to hope “good Samaritan” laws work in ones favor in a court of law has me realizing what 911 is for. I’m not a LEO, I’m sure as heck not going to be “securing the scene”, especially in, as you describe, a residential area. Accident with injured parties, I’ll do what I can 'til help arrives, but post fight…fuhgeddaboudit.


The central principle of ethics is “Treat others as you would wish to be treated.”

If you’re OK with bleeding out on the pavement from a gunshot wound and dying alone, then just call 911, drive away and hope that government emergency services arrive in time to offer aid. At least you’re safe, but you gotta live with your non-action.

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