Remanufactured Ammo

I use a lot of remanufactured ammo and have absolutely no issues with it. There is a whole lot more experience on these threads than I have, I would like to hear some opinions on reman ammo and if it can be a good choice for self-defense with the right projectile. Thanks for all the comments I am sure this will bring.


Remans are pretty much the same as factory new. New primer, new powder, new projectile. The only difference is the case is re-used.
Just make sure the company you buy from is using quality components and has a thorough inspection of their brass.
A lot of us here like Angelfire ammo. Lately they’ve been struggling to meet demands, but people have been buying ammo a lot more. Every ammo company is having a hard time meeting demands honestly.


Thanks for the reply. I will look into Angelfire Ammo. I have used Freedom Munitions with great success.

I like Fenix Ammo out of Michigan. Very nice stuff.


We also use Anglefire, Freedom is northern Idaho, and have bought from them as well. Have also used LA ammo. No problems with any of the above. At one time got a heck of a deal out of Vegas, they were a little smokey, but no issues.

Spence above, stated very well.


thanks for info on Fenix, i will visit their site. Appreciate more options.

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Thank you for all the replies. I live in Michigan so I will definitely be checking out Fenix ammo.

I use Fenix too. I didn’t realize they were Remans! I just thought they were a local small ammo company.

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They use once-fired brass, cleaned and pressure tested. I have found their 9mm to be very consistent.


Fenix is on 10 Mile Road in Novi, NW of Detroit.

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Since the last post 3 days ago I have ordered 250 rounds of Fenix’s 9mm FXP 124gr HP. On their website they state that there is a 6-8 week lead time for orders. Most of the products were out of stock, but what I ordered appeared to be in stock. I didn’t know what to expect but I ordered it anyway. I only live 78 miles from their location but their shipping cost of $8 and some change was cheaper than driving there. Would you believe my order came today and the ammo looks absolutely great. Of course the proof is in the shooting. I am going to try to get to the range tomorrow.


In general, I dislike the idea unless I’ve done the reloading myself.
There are a few exceptions like Black Hills, Hunter’s Shack Munitions, and Miwall
I would give LAX a try based on their reputation but I have yet to see the need.

When I was in college, I’d exchange my empty .38s for factory reloads.
A wealthy and very successful target shooter set up a “factory” to supply himself with practice rounds and expanded it to produce high quality range ammo for law enforcement agencies in my state. It was good stuff. That was 45 years ago, but it set my standard for today. Most equate factory reloads as cheap and not that accurate, inconsistent and possibly even dangerous----I refuse to waste money on that stuff.

The one thing I really like about reloading.
I handle the same brass several times giving me several chances to inspect cases.
Just last night. Made it through de-priming, pin tumble and bulge busting. last night using go no go gauge on the primmer hole pocket. I found a crack in one of the cases. In the past I don’t think I ever looked at store bought ammo for defects. Normally just load and fire. But as we all know crap does go wrong and since we are the ones firing the gun. It all comes down on our shoulders. Bottom line. Always practice safety any time dealing with guns and ammo.

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That is what I have observed when some of my buddies have tried remanufactured. I have not tried any.

I have one friend that reloads and his never smoke like the remanufactured I have seen. I do not know where they are getting their remanufactured from …

Smoke and dirty all come down to $$$$ I can use 5.0 gr of Win-231 in a 9mm or I can use 3.4 gr of Bullseye. I’ll take the 2311 any day as it burns clean and consistent every time, Bullseye is always filthy.

One note on re-man ammo, check the head stamps. If they are all the same you have a better than even shot that your ammo will be consistent. If you have head stamps all over then I would lean away as the velocities will not be consistent.



Let me preface this with the fact that I am not any sort of expert on ammo. What I say is totally my personal opinion and experience. I loaded 50 rounds of the 250 self-defense rounds I received from Fenix into magazines from firearms I intended to use for self-defense and went to my local range. I had absolutely no issues (FTE or FTF) with the ammo. So I am satisfied that Fenix is a good source for ammo if it is in stock. As to excessive smoke and dirt, I did not notice that it was any smokier or dirtier that what I normally use. I did not check the ammo that I fired but I did check another 50 round package and all the cartridges had the same head stamps.

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I reload 90% of my range ammo but my carry ammo is all premium factory ammo. I’m not worried about reload misfires, I don’t remember ever having one, but if I ever need to use my ammunition for self defense I don’t want my choice of ammunition to be an issue at a trial. I do reload some handloads with hollow point defense bullets but use them at the range. While I do sort cases by headstamp, I’ve never found cases to make much difference in handgun accuracy as long as identical components are used.

Reman ammo has no one answer because the quality varies so much depending on manufacturer. The super cheap deals are going to be a good price and the low smoke consistent stuff will rival or exceed the cost of cheap ammo like winchester white box. So, I guess, the better question would be to get people’s opinions on a particular brand of reman ammo.

Personally, I reload, so I have not shot reman. But if you are looking, at the very least, go with some of the more reputable and established brands. And always pay close attention when shooting reman ammo. Look, listen, and feel for any round that looks, sounds, or feels different when you shoot it. If it seems different, at the very least check your barrel for squips.

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This is just my opinion, but I’d rather have new unfired ammo for my EDC because it’s ammo I’d have to trust with my life. I know of a few people who reload their own defense ammo and that’s even a bit iffy.

I’d say use reloads for practice and training, but stick to the new manufactured ammo if you’re going to trust it with your life.

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