Reloading again

Well started reloading again for my 9mm 45 ACP and other various handgun ammo. You cannot find anything on the shelves anymore there so scarce. I sold all my reloading supplies about 15 years ago I used all Dillion reloading equipment, i regret selling it all. But i bought everhting i need again only in the Lee Challenger reloading kit for now. I really forgot how much i enjoyed reloading and how much you saved in making up your own loads.


Me too.
Got my press back out and got the benches set back up in the last few months.
It’s a bad time to ‘enter’ the market for supplies, but not impossible. Just keep your eyes open, check daily, and buy when can, even if it has to be one brick and one pound at a time.
In a way it seems like nothing has changed over ther years… primers still seem to be the weakest link.

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I go out everyday to Gander Outdoors and Fleet Farm and other sporting stores and the ammo is not there its extinct its crazy i check everyday. I went today to Superior Shooters Supply they have a great supply of everything for reloading even primers so i bought more primers about 700 I bought some 9mm bran new brass un primed and they sell once fired also brass every type you can think of. So i bought 4 bags of that also 100 9mm once fired for $10 bucks. Also bought a small Hornady electronic scale to weigh out powder.

I’ve been mostly buying online lately. They aren’t always the rock bottom cheapest, but I have really come to appreciate how reliable Midway is. Their system/site is 100% up to date and has never failed to let me know if something is out of stock before I commit to it. Even when some things have been sitting in my cart for a day or two.


So true Midway Dillion and Brownells to me are the top of the line for online ordering, and with Dillion you can order Berrys bullets 100 for reloading 115 grain to 147 grain for $13.66 or $25.00 for 250 9mm 115 grain to 147 grain great prices they have on ammo

I’ve found great bullet pricing at Natches. For instance Berry’s 9mm for $76-78/1000 plus shipping.

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Wow nice prices I have never heard of that place, Berrys seems to be the best priced ammo for reloading

Falcon bullets is good price if you want lead or coated lead. The coated ones are red. Makes the finished product look pretty bitchn

I have been so bad, I got looking for supplies then I order some and later realize I already ordered some so now I am set-up pretty good with supplies. Still looking for some 12 hulls. I haven’t had much luck finding the ones I want. I was told to go to the local skeet and trap range and just pick them up but, found out that I need to be a member. Guess I am going to be a member now. I got a Dillon 550 and three sets of dies, 5.56, .45 brass and bullets for 200.00. I really enjoy reloading, especially the 5.56. I get to be so precise. Happy loading.


Winchester 9mm 115gr FMJ -RN for reloading (Bag of 250)
SKU: 9mm 115gr Winchester
1 $27.95
Subtotal $27.95
Shipping $4.95 via Standard
So I went and ordered some great prices

Go the range for the 12 hulls, especially after an event. Got a ton of AA’s that way.

Two companies to check out: Elite Reloading and Wideners Reloading almost forgot Powder Valley.

Good Luck

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Two things, first be careful going to ranges, most likely you’ll need to be or know a member and 2, some ranges have a no pick up policy while others have a come clean up this mess policy.
and I’m looking to see if we hahve a classifieds section since I have a PW loader I may be selling.

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