Reliant Movie Review (spoilers)

Warning, I anticipate this thread to have a few spoilers……

Ok, if you saw the movie what did you think?

I read the book a couple weeks ago and was worried…I’m happy to report the movie in this case was better than the book in my opinion.

Character dialogue was more believable, actions that the kids took seemed better suited to their age (or the age they appear to be vs what they list in the book). They dropped one of the characters which IMO made the book a little unbelievable (it was a young child of 2 or 3).

I was also happier the way the ending went down in the movie vs in the book…the part where the mom comes back out of the blue is still an unrealistic stretch as it was in the book, but at least once she showed back up they got back on track.

I tried not to be “that gun guy” but I did notice muzzle discipline was horrible throughout.

Obviously all this in IMO. But I give it a thumbs up overall :+1:


I to will give it a thumbs up. It portrayed the christian points as well as the pro firearms and pro prepper. I believe I fall into all three camps. I myself know some pretty fantastic kids that are sure of their testimony and can speak with the help of the Holy Ghost. But I don’t think that is very common today.


One of the things I really appreciated was they didn’t shy away from tough questions or provide easy answers in their portrayal of someone falling away from believing and having faith and what that dramatic journey back to faith looks like (Jimmy and his anger against God and his questions and his pushing back against “standard” answers). Great stuff!


There was good attendance at my local theater, I purchased 2 of the last 3 seats available. Tim Schmidt did a good job in his cameo appearance. I am sure we will see " Frankie’s Strange Day at the Zoo" go to the top of the NYT Best Sellers list.

It was a good movie with a good message. If I were going to nit pick…

  • I know criminals are not smart but a shooting range seems like the last place I would storm if I were in a mob. You know cause everyone has loaded guns?

  • Adam’s bolt action T/C he used in the gun fight must have come from the factory with the scope sighted in for whatever ammo they picked up at the range?

  • Safe keys don’t go missing… because we would have nothing better to do until it was found. I have a few hidden anyway. Also “don’t put all your eggs in one basket” applies here.

Glad to hear you guys had a great turnout!

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