Relax on your days off, but not on your gun safety!

Days off are our time to relax and enjoy time with our family and friends. Don’t let your relaxed time relax your gun safety.

We’ve heard too many stories of people negligently shooting themselves with a gun they thought was unloaded. It happens at gun ranges, in classes, and in your own neighborhoods.

How do you stay at the top of your safety game on relaxation days?

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@Dawn you are busy today!
My G26 was with me all morning until i started cutting the grass. Since then, it has been in the safe but is still easily accessible. At 1500 my wife said she needed a beer and we both cracked em open. The G26 will stay there, still accessible if needed, until 0600 tomorrow when I head to church for the Sunday security detail.

And i thought it was unloaded is NEVER an excuse. Every firearm is loaded until you inspect the weapon and confirm it is cleared visually and physically.



I changed a kitchen faucet. Turned into an ordeal. The back of a 45 slide digs into a fat man’s love handles laying on the floor, with a 1/3 of your torso in the kitchen cabinets. Finally ended up just pulling the whole sink out. Easier to put in new silicone, than fight under the sink anymore. The only time, on a “relaxed” day that I don’t have my piece, is if I might take a nap. If I intend to nap, guns are locked back up. My son knows not to bother them, but, how do I know one of his little friends knows it too.

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I try to hit the range once a week. On my days off, I often clean my weapons. Making sure they’re unloaded (even when I know they are) is something I always do. I clean and maintain the mags as well. It amazes me how many people don’t do magazine maintenance.

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I Pray I will never relax my gun safety… This is why I read, study, practice, and handle my gun every day… I thank you for your wise wisdom you always seem to have… Thank you, Dawn…

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I still remember my first (and last) negligent discharge. It was many years ago and was shot in the dirt at the range, luckily.

A few weeks ago, my son, in his bathroom taking his weapon out to sit down, shot through the bathroom door, the hall wall and the round got lodged exiting a plaster (not drywall) wall.
He was so shaken that he called me about it.
Other than a new door and some patches on the walls, there was no significant damage except to his ego.
He now has had his first and hopefully last ND.