Daily Routines and where does the gun fit

We are hosting a roundtable discussion in July to chat about daily routines and how guns fit into them.
I’m interested in yours if you care to share.
For example:
Wake up:
Water, Coffee, Workout. (No Gun)
Shower, Dress, (Don Gun)
Go about my day.
Get home, dinner kids to bed, work.(With Gun)
Bedtime: Stow Gun, Jammies, Sleep. (Locked up)



On a normal work day, it’s:

  • Wake up & get dressed
  • Load and holster sidearm
  • Secure weapon in car and commute to work
  • Work
  • Commute home
  • Secure weapon from car and reholster
  • Evening stuff
  • Clear and secure weapon in home and get ready for bed
  • Lights out
  • Play with tritium sights

Work day:
Get up, let dogs out
Shower, get dressed including firearm
Girl stuff (makeup and hair)
Go to work
Come home
If granddaughter is with us, gun is secured on the safe so I can play with her; if granddaughter is not with us, gun stays on
Play with dogs outside
Gun is put on the tall safe

Weekend… I’m a bit more lax :confused: Need to break that habit.
Gun goes on when I leave the house.

My firearm is easily accessible by me throughout the day at home, but not always on me.

  1. Wake up in the morning, take a shower, get dressed and gun in holster.
  2. Go on about my day, run errands, come home and gun still in holster.
  3. Bedtime gun comes off on to the night stand, take a shower. Repeat process upon waking up.

Wake up:
Get ready for day
Take dog out
Get boys up (4 &1)
Take boys to child care
Put gun on from locked case under seat of truck
Travel to child care
Put gun back in locked box in truck
Pick up boys
Go home
Family time
Go to bed

Due to the age of my boys and the level of physical activity we have every day, wearing during our normal activities is not advisable. I have the big safe and four other biometric safes in the house to make sure guns are accessible to me but not the boys.

If I go anywhere in public, I will put on a gun. About the only time I am not wearing is when I am at home, but have guns accessible.

  • Wake up
  • Bathroom routine
  • Dress (including gun)
  • Go about my day (work, chores, whatever)
  • Undress/stow gun
  • Sleep
  • Repeat

When home, they are accessible to us anywhere in the house.

When out and not going to gun free zones, belt/IWB holster, and either PPS/VP9SK go on and/or pepper spray in pocket or in car. They generally go back int eh safe when I’m home unless there is a heightened alert.


Wake up

Grab gun Glock 19, unloaded but mag in gun ( from this Point gun is next me rest of day)

Walk to shower- place gun on sink

Coffee- gun next to pot

Get dressed- gun in pocket empty or loaded and holsters depending on day.

Go to car, take gun out of pocket and place next to coffee cup holder. Unless holstered, leave in holster and place 2nd gun ( glock 26) next to coffee cup holder. Can’t get hip holstered gun out when sitting, so alway have another, same brand and caliber. Loaded gun is always holstered.

Go to work- leaving rest blank of where gun will be :shushing_face:

Get in car and repeat gun placement…

Come home- gun# 2 in cupboard unloaded.

First gun stays with me rest of night, unloaded next to me, loaded remains holstered.


I was trying to think when I don’t either carry or have a firearm within reach… I got nothing. Pretty much a symbiotic relationship.


‘…Where does the gun fit?’
Between 3:00 and 4:00 every day…
Yup there’s one in every crowd and its usually me…


I’m guessing no kids in your house.


Same here.


If a firearm isn’t on me, there’s one within a foot. You never know what could happen or when, so always be ready.


Wake up, morning stuff. S,S,S.
Drink hot tea
SIRT Training routine
Check e-mails, posts, such.
get dressed with gun,
go shopping for work.
go to work.
Drink Hot Tea
come home.
Drink Hot tea
Gun locked up on nightstand
SIRT Training
Check e-mails and posts
Watch Beat Bobby Flay
climb in bed, pet the cat


We are retired. I have several staged throughout the house, and I don’t leave home without one.


I sleep with my gun close. Wake up. Coffee. Gun in place. Shower, dress. Gun in place. Go about my day, I carry concealed. Get home. Secure my home. Check cameras. Dinner. Watch tv, computer work. Whatever. Bedtime. Check cameras again. Double check home security. I sleep with my gun close.


Wake up 10 minutes before I have to be at work.

Enter a mad panic.

Try to feed and let out dog as I get dressed.

Check mag and chamber to ensure I’m still loaded.

Put weapon on my belt.

Shovel whatever leftover junk food is on the
counter top into the stupid hole in my stupid face.

Drive 15 over to try to get to work on time…


Ha ha ha sounds like me back in the days brother.


Lima, OH?!?!?
I have family in Blufton.

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No kidding? It’s a decent little place to call home. I’m hoping one of these days I can save the money and make the drive up to Wisconsin and get my defense instructor cert too.