Red Dot -vs- Laser

Try this…work towards using your red dot to verify your sight picture, not to search for the target.


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I’m not a fan of a laser for several reasons primarily the following: lasers work both ways. If the threat didn’t know where you were, they do now and have great aim point for return fire especially in lower light conditions. IMO, acquiring your target with a laser takes more time than utilizing your natural point of aim. Time you may not have if the gun fight is on. Now, if your natural point of aim sucks, then a laser may be good for a training aid to develop you natural aim point but I am not convinced it is an asset in real world defensive scenarios. Just my $0.02 :slightly_smiling_face:


Laser on revolver is the standard
Red dot and micro red dot are the standard for concealed carry weapons. Especially ones with really short sight radii. My home defense is a Taurus G3 toro with the holosun 507 c I think shake awake and solar cell brightness adjuster I love how it works . I pick it up both eyes open bring weapon to line of sight and there’s the dot and bang there’s the sight picture. Put in the reps and you can’t go wrong with either and if your using a laser on a pistol trying to make hits at 50 to 100 yards I feel that is a fool’s errand chances are if your that far away you are to be seeking cover or some other means to get out of there. Laser on a rifle at distance better than using it on a gun the laser is just a ball park at close range the red dot is where they are supposed to go


Since the red dot vs. laser has already been covered substantially, I am going to address another point you made. Since you find the 365 a bit small for your hands, I would suggest looking at a 365XL. I have a Shield for my EDC and found that the XL is quite compatible as far as size goes, and it’s very comfortable to shoot. I have fairly large hands (not in the “able to conceal a basketball” size range) and the XL is just a good size.


Believe it or not the human eye picks up the green spectrum of light better than red as red generally blends and diffuses at distance. Where as green does not in our eyes :office: