Red Dot -vs- Laser


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I don’t think I’d call a red dot a crutch any more than iron sights are a crutch, or double action revolvers are a crutch (vs single action only).

They are an advancement in arms technology that enhances proficiency although, like the other things, they aren’t magic, and they don’t alleviate one from the need to employ sound fundamentals. There has to be some proficiency there to enhance. It’s hard to argue with the objective superiority of a single focal plain sighting system that is also self illuminated and widens the available head/eye positions vs the firearm while still obtaining sight alignment and sight picture (to use scope/rifle type terms, large eyebox I think that would be like)


Agree with your points. Until they fail. That’s my point. They’re electrical devices. They can and do fail.
Iron sights don’t fail as often (I’ve never had them fail in 45 years of shooting scores of weapons). I have had a red dot fail. Two actually. An Eotech and a Vortex.
I trust my RMRs for EDC, but all of them have cowitnessed iron sights.
Call it what you will–not a crutch. To quote BA Barakas from the A Team-“I pity the fool” who has his red dot go out and hasn’t prepared/trained for that contingency.


FWIW I’ve never had a red dot fail, but I have had irons fail.

But that’s also why I have backup irons on my red dot carry pistols. The irons are already there if need be.

Everybody should be able to shoot with irons, for sure, even if a bit slower or less accurate then RDS

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