Recommendations-Preserving eggs- Water Glassing

O.K. Here we go. On 04-18-22 I tried a way of preserving farm fresh eggs called Water Glassing.
You will need fresh eggs right from the chicken, we buy ours from a local source. Do not wash the eggs, they can be wiped off but must retain the natural bloom that forms, kind of like potatoes from your garden.
You will need a clean 1 gallon jar and Pickeling lime you can buy at any canning section in one pound bags, although most vids say any lime can be used but must be Calcium hydroxide.


Some vids call for 1-4 oz. lime per quart of water, I went with 4oz. per quart, if properly stored eggs can be kept up to two years. I also used filtered water.

On 02-18-23 I tried 3 of the eggs, the first test is to submerge the eggs in a bowl of water, if any float they are no good, none floated. I cracked them and no odor, I broke the yoke and all good, I did notice the yoke was firmer and didn’t run. I scrambled the eggs with a little milk and salt and pepper. The eggs cooked up fine and tasted as fresh as the day I put them down.
This method has been used for hundreds of years so it’s nothing new, just lost to modern times.
Cool and dark is the key, my storage room stays 53 deg. in the winter and 65deg. in the summer with the air conditioning on. My first try was 30 fresh unwashed eggs in a gallon jar with about 2 quarts and 8oz. of lime. I will give an update as time passes. You can also extend
shelf life of your store-bought eggs by coating them with mineral oil to close the pours.
Just one of many vids on YT.


OR stick them into the freezer for storage. They will hold good up to a year.


Yup, did that to, I need to use smaller amounts. I put them in cupcake papers and froze them in a muffin pan then vacuum sealed them. :+1: