It Works!

If you’ve seen commercials for the EggPod - it works. I just boiled a dozen eggs in mine, and they turned out great. I’m not big on kitchen gadgets, but I love deviled eggs, and this beats watching water boil. Buy the 6-egg versus the 4-egg shown on tv, and let the good times roll.

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Microwaved eggs? Nope thank you. Definitely prefer old style boiled in water or steamed healthy food. :muscle:

I know the eggs sit inside aluminum cage… but still I don’t like anything coming from microwave…


My last experience with a microwave oven and boiling eggs ended up buying a new microwave oven. Set me back $650. Be careful. Oh BTW my wife Lee it up.

If deviled eggs are what you like, lets kick it up a notch! Throw in some duck eggs if you want real flavor.


If you don’t like the microwave, these work great in boiling water with just a very little Pam sprayed in each one before adding the raw egg.

Why on earth would you do that to eggs. If it’s not a sin it should be…nuke 'em jeez…

Look at the demo on these - you’re actually cooking them with a small amount of boiling water for 11 minutes- let them cool off, pop the top back on, and shake the pod several times - the eggs are cooked, and the shells peel right off. Mahvelous! No discolored yolks, and you just rinse out the pod with hot water and let dry. I made 2 dozen deviled eggs in less than a half-hour.


More I’ve read more I’m surprised… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

11 minutes? What the hell? I’ve got perfectly boiled eggs with old method in 10… 2 minutes to bring the water to the boiling point + 8 minutes for eggs… or 2 + 3 if I like to have soft boiled eggs… :thinking:

I made 2 dozen deviled eggs in less than a half-hour.

You can make multiple dozen deviled eggs in less than 15 minutes without this big magic plastic egg :slightly_smiling_face:

OK… I don’t want to discriminate the product… if it works for somebody that’s fine… just nothing what could convince me to use it.