Reciprocity of Enhanced Carry Privileges

I live in a constitutional carry state (Alabama) but have a CCW license. In my state, there is only one level of permit. If you have it, you can legally carry anywhere you’re allowed to.

I’m regularly traveling to Arkansas, another constitutional carry state. However, Arkansas has a multi-layered CCW system. The basic license allows carry in most places, but the enhanced license allows carry in several additional places that I may need to go to. To the best of my knowledge, the enhanced license there is equivalent to the only (full) license here.

Question: Does anyone know if my CCW will be reciprocated the same carry privileges as the enhanced license will?

And, I’m also curious to know if that will hold true with other states that have the enhanced program.


Interesting question. I had no idea there were layers…like an onion.


You would be best served by contacting that state’s AG office.


Doubtful. Consult with an Arkansas lawyer rather than rely on opinions from individuals you do not know who post anonymously on an internet site.


Yes, as an Arkansas CHCL Instructor I do know, a the answer is no, you will not have the privileges of an Arkansas Enhanced CHCL. No state with an enhanced license gives those privileges to reciprocal licenses from other states, because the term means something different in each state that has a two level permit or license system.
You will have the privileges same as with an Arkansas permit. I recommend you review the Arkansas rules at


Thanks Craig! That was the answer I was looking for. I checked by didn’t see anything on the USCCA’s reciprocity map. I’ll check out the link you shared.


Ummm… Maybe you should share the link with USCCA. :slightly_smiling_face:


interesting,. Wish I had that in the state I’m in. Good luck.


“NOTE: You must hold an Arkansas Enhanced Concealed Handgun Carry License to obtain the privileges under Arkansas law for an enhanced license. Persons who hold an enhanced license issued from another state will not have the same privileges as the Arkansas enhanced license, but the enhanced non- Arkansas license will be honored as a basic Concealed Handgun Carry License.”

General info.: