Rather young for such a crime

A 12 year old shooting 12 year old’s. I admittedly knew about guns at that age, I knew where they were in the house, how to load aim and shoot them so I’m not going to say “Too Young”. I will say, at 12 years of age, I never ever ever thought of a gun as a way to solve anything. Where are they learning this stuff?


‘Trump indicted for 12 year old’s shooting in Finland’


My thoughts are if someone thinks someone else is doing something that is going to end their life they are allowed to defend themselves. At that age they don’t know how much they can endure before they will die.

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The news media spends a lot of time telling everyone over and over how incredibly powerful these “evil” firearms are. According to this anti self defense propaganda, these all powerful devices can kill all on their own and turn anyone who posses one into an all powerful being capable of easily destroying all their perceived enemies.

Not hard to see why pathetic, sick people would enthusiastically buy into this propaganda. By design or not, the way media covers these incidents inspires mass murderers to act out their sick fantasies to gain their 15 minutes of fame.


The Media and the Politico’s who strive for 'Division, deception and Absolute Power

They have gone too far, too many Lie’s, Too many Innocent(s) DEATHS!
This (12) year old was INDOCTRINATED by Evil, solve all his childhood angst with a gun…
Whatever happened to a good old fashioned fist fight?
These same kids are convinced the boy’s are girl’s and lop off their dik’s…not knowing once it’s done buh bye peter… EVIL.


Kamala… There you are. :grin:


12 year olds are more than capable of learning right and wrong, including the right and wrong ways to use a gun.

My mother grew up during the end of the great depression and into WW2. Her dad fed the family by hunting, and guns were part of their daily life. She got me a BB gun when I was about 12 years old or so, and made me treat it as though it was a real rifle capable of killing someone. I was taught all the rules of gun safety, and they became part of me.

Again, gun education needs to start early, and be taught in schools, along with ethics and right/wrong decision making. This stuff isn’t hard, we’ve just forgotten the basics.


Don’t give them any ideas


That’s it in a nutshell Brother Joseph, YOU WERE TAUGHT ! You had GUIDANCE, right from wrong, Respect. I’m NOT excusing these kids actions, you do bad shite (any age)
CONSEQUENCES land on your head. But the lack of solid parenting is mostly lost these days. (NOW I REALLY SOUND LIKE AN OLD MAN!) but that doesn’t mean it isn’t true. When I bought my last car the sales boy…sorry salesman didn’t sign his name, he printed it. When I asked if he was ever taught ‘cursive’ in school he looked at me like I had (3) heads. We are creating a ‘Pass them through school’ multi generations of young people who lack the ‘basics’ of education and we then expect them to go out into the world and make the right decisions? hardly. The CHILDREN protesting in College have NO IDEA what they are saying, they parrot what the professor’s Indoctrinate into them, Israel bad! Hamas good! They haven’t a clue of what Socialism really does to a people, or what Terrorism is doing to the world. They are brainwashed and will grow up stupid and angry. Kids pointing guns at their friends heads, Beating people to death? This little MONSTER in Finland?
Holy crap! These little bastards are fearless. (Crazy, shite stupid but fearless) any little infraction in life—Detention in school, you looked at me wrong, racism whatever and they pull Iron.
What the Woke Politicians just don’t get is there are Millions of ILLEGAL guns on the streets–and these asshats come after Good Honest decent Citizens who ‘did it right’ purchasing a firearm and they want to disarm US , leave US defenseless when there are these little criminals, Armies of Illegals, and the armed.gov to prey on US.—what a country.
End of rant soon Sir, it’s refreshing to hear you guy’s with kids and grand kids doing
it right. There is always a hope that the cream of the children will rise to the top and take over when we are gone. But if you read the news (I don’t recommend it on a regular basis) that hope is cemetery bound.



This is worth repeating. I’ve said it before and I’ll likely say it again.


I ran across something the other day. I don’t know if it’s connected or if it’s propaganda or what. But it feeds into what is happening and why these acts happen. Some of you probably know more about this than me.

It/they were talking about how the elites of the world want to depopulate the planet. They connect it to why abortion is happening at its current rate and how there is now a push for the elderly to euthanize themselves taking the financial burden off of families and the economy. Also popularizing the murder rate among certain groups of young people. States taking farm land from the owners, enacting all these laws limiting farm production etc.

It boils down to the elite class being able to control the remaining population, only 1 billion (you do the math), and the cash flow between them. Ergo the advent of digital currency. It sounds like so much hokum when you first hear it but after thinking about it some, who knows what is true.

Now I see an article about governors enacting marshall law for the eclipse. Now they’re saying during the height of the eclipse, the “devil’s” comet is supposed to be visible. All the propaganda floating around now a days.

Food for thought


I saw a post here about a training video showing kids about this age instructed by adult terrorists in committing this exact type of mayhem.


We take from the .gov and don’t produce anymore.
Horse shite!
When we worked and sacrificed we were promised a Retirement to Enjoy.
A thank you very much for a long arduous life EARNING and making life better
for our Families. Now we should just roll over and die.
This is from decrepit people with too much money and POWER.
We should eat bugs they said, It’ll be healthy they said.
All what you said William is TRUTH, and it makes no sense why a lot
of people are listening to these Fossils!
They are trying to destroy this country and remake it in a Socialist Nirvana that can’t
exist in the REAL WORLD. It’s SICK, Stinkin’ Thinkin’


AND all of the parasites, Politicians, Welfare kings and Queens, Leaders of far away countries covered with jungles and sand… But now, we ask them to give back the money they have been taking from us, by force of law, for our entire working lives. And they wonder why we turn into Pissed Off Old Folks.


Yepper Mike, That sums it up nicely!
(gotta watch out for those 'POOF’s!)
We’re OLD
We’re Dangerous
We’re tired
and We’re Armed to the teeth!
(I’d bet on us any day!)