Range targets - show them off!

Learning from your target is a key way to teach yourself to improve. Teaching others to teach themselves is priceless! You are shooting to the left and low, WHY? Your shots are all over the place, WHY? What do you see? Why are you seeing this? How do you fix the problem?


Fair, I shot about 90% of the points and finished only 2 points ahead of 2nd place. So if he’d shot 2 more A’s he’d of won.

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I get that. The primary reason I video my shooting is to look for things to improve on. There is a lot you can learn from video if you know what to look for.


@Todd30 is right, we both learn from observing the target. If we don’t see holes, we can’t tell what is good or wrong.
You can shoot fast… but not seeing where the bullet went, the speed means nothing.


When I started practicing for “Combat Shooting”(Shooting Fast Enough to out-shoot the “Threat”,
But Accurate Enough to Take-Out/Stop the Threat).
Note this is NOT - BULLS EYE SHOOTING- Like most everyone else at the range does.

THis (Combat or Defensive Shooting) IS : Shooting as fast as you can but still getting “Good Hits”.
“Good Hits” = Anywhere inside an 8in circle (Represents the High Center Chest) Zone.
Where 1-2 hits should Stop most any Threat.

In a Real Fight for your Life - FBI Data says you will have only about 2-3 seconds to shoot.
So you need to practice doing that as accurately as you can - at that speed and at say 10, 20, 30ft.
Not likely to need to shoot any farther than 30ft in a Real Fight.

ie Like a Real Fight - Shoot as fast as you can - BUT - Get Good Hits.

If you want to train like this - Find the nearest IDPA Match to you and go watch then shoot in a match.
It is not all Experts but involves every level of shooters from Beginners to Experts.
IDPA (Intl Defensive Pistol Assoc)

Matches are held all over the US(Every State) and the World - Typically at Gun Clubs who allow non-members to shoot Matches on Match Days. - Usually a Sat.

Do this enough and you will learn how fast you can shoot and get good hits at most every distance.
There is a Stress Factor since you are under the Clock to perform as quickly as possible.

Stages are set-up, using walls to form rooms.
So it is like working/shooting/clearing your way thru a House or Bldg.
With Threat and Non-threat targets intermingled.
Shooting From and Using Wall Corners as “Cover”.

I have shot a Match every month for the last 10yr.
So say 100 Matches of 6 stages ea = 600 Stages. So Far. AND - Rain, Snow, or Heat - we Shoot. And a few Matches at Night


Interesting. Makes sense. I don’t think I ever practiced any closer than seven yards, let alone three yards. I need to. My guess is I’d miss and land further out than 8". I got work to do. Uh oh; “Oh boy”.


IDPA is great! Combat shooting is great! For those who are just starting out shooting learn the basics first to which is being able to shoot the target safely first. Then get some training with your shooting and safety. Get some range time then step into the world of IDPA. The others there will help you succeed, and your shooting will improve greatly. Remember too, that if you do not use it you will lose it, talking about your efficiency.


There are also TTP,s - Tactics, Techniques & Procedures for shooting CQB(Close Qtrs Battle)(Say inside a Bldg) and XCQB(Extreme Close Qtrs.)(Say inside a Room). ie Techniques used by SWAT, Spec Forces etc. for Clearing Bldgs, Rooms, etc. Use of “Cover” etc Techniques to Shoot Threats Without Being Shot Yourself. Also - If you are closer then 3 yds to your Threat you are going to need to know some “Bad Breath Distance” shooting technique’s (“Retention Shooting”, etc) High and Low “Retention Shooting” - Your Gun held close to “Your Body” so it cannot be taken away from you. Which at say 3 ft is a possibility.


YES - You are absolutely correct - Learn the Basics 1st. The Fundamentals of the most efficient “Combat Draw” - Starting with the “Retention Positions”(Of which there are Many)(Low, Mid, High, etc) - ie Right out of the Holster. Then all the way up to Full Extended-Presentation. “Retention Positions” - Gun drawn, then held close to your body(so no one can take it away from you), but it is Aimed/Pointed UP at the Threat/Chest in front of you. “Right Out of the Holster”, as soon as your muzzle clears the holster, turn your gun up to aim at a threat/chest in front of you. You CAN shoot from that position (“Low Retention”) if needed. And it is the fastest way to get shots on the threat. But you “have to” Practice shooting “that way”. It “Aint” “Natural” and Not “Comfortable”. And - at first - feels weird and uncomfortable. But it is the Fastest/Quickest way to get shots on a Threat. ie “He who shoots 1st usually shoots last”. Just be sure you can justify the “Threat”. AND keep your “Off Hand” flat against your Chest(Out of the way). 1st time I tried - this it blew my cap off. So if gun is held “At Retention”(close-to, even against your body) you will get some Back-Blast in your face. Note “Cant”(as in “Tilt”) the gun/muzzle Up & Out - so you don’t get muzzle blast/burn on your side and it is aimed at his chest. So practice it, so you will not be surprised if do have to shoot “from there” - “for real”(ie Shooting From “Low Retention”). As an alternate to pointing the gun UP - You can point it straight ahead at the Hip of your Threat. Take out a hip and he will usually drop. ps I am a State and DHS Certified - Pistol Instr, Defensive Shooting, and Defense of the Home Instructor and 10yr + Combat Competition Shooter - Including IDPA every mo for 10yr now. And some real-life experience being “Shot At”.


This is really good discussion… but we do this in wrong thread.

We need to see targets here…


I use this iPhone app for my timer until I get a real handheld one. I set it on random starting for a 5 second timer coming up from a low ready. Just got my concealed mag carrier and will be adding reload drills to the mix



Tbh, I never even thought about an app for that! :man_facepalming:t2:


There’s always an APP for that! This is another app I use to help me with training drills. Range Buddy Pro. Always go to the range with a plan of action.


There are a lot of interesting apps out there but a lot of them have some issues picking up shots or getting false positives. Especially if you are shooting somewhere where other people are shooting at the same time.

But even my dedicated shot timer has issues sometimes in those case where others are shooting nearby. It also has issues picking up dryfire shots. So in those cases setting a timer in an app on your phone and trying to get your shots in before it beeps is a good cheap solution.

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When we training close to body near your belly button we call that low ready in our training. Holding it near chest we call that high ready muzzle out. Learning from advice DEFENDER please continue

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Warmup on the sides main hand and off hand, squares next to head both hand warm up. Center mass and center head are 5x5 drills and Active Self Protection 10 round skill drill. At the bottom I pushed out to 10 yards to start working on distance and accuracy.

Pushed out to 16.5 yards to see where I stood on accuracy that far out. This was more of a baseline for me personally and was pleased.

Analysis: Overall I was pleased. I’m still pulling to the left,
I was more accurate on my first shots in the 5x5 drills. Not sure if it was breathing or slapping at the trigger.

Also bought a new weapon while at my club. They were selling their range weapons. Canik TP9SFX. Will be posting to the new gun thread with pics of that later.


Looks good. It’s still not bad if you are within center mass circle.
First question:

  • did you shoot faster on shorter distance than at a longer one?

If yes - that’s an indicator of trigger control issue or your trigger finger not being parallel to pistol (pushing to the left) . I wouldn’t blame slapping, because you ok with elevation. Horizontal deviation is caused by not ideal trigger control / press.


The rounds going center mass in the 5x5 drills were more rapid than the ASP 10 rd skill check drill for sure. When I pushed out to 10 yrds (bottoms 3 rectangles) I found myself rushing on the first 2 sets. Slowed down on the third and had better results.

Thanks for the feedback. Gave me something to think about.


My buddy built a 50 yard shooting range on his property and told me come use it anytime. It could be extended, but you’d have to climb thru a barb-wire fence and share your space with some cows. I swapped out sights on my FNP-40 some time ago. I tested their alignment at an indoor range, but they would not let me disassemble and use my sight pusher there. I took a SWAG when I got back home, but had not tested it yet. I also just swapped out handguard on my rifle, which required removing the scope. The new range option was the perfect opportunity for me to test sight alignments on both.

I used a flimsy card table and a pillow for a rest to test the FNP sight alignment. The 1st shot from rest (pointed out on the photo) was dead center. All other shots were free-hand. I always have a bit of a challenge with this pistol due to the DA/SA LOP. The upper left target is the last 4 shots I made with the FNP.

The wind was gusting to the point I was having trouble holding the rifle still even using the card table for support. I know my shooting sucks compared to a lot of you posting rifle targets on here, but I conclude the rifle scope held zero just fine.


Started break-in process on new Springfield .45 acp Operator. This was the first 100 rounds, at 10 yards. I think I’m going to love this pistol! Two more 100 round cycles to go, then will start evaluating defensive hollow points.