Range targets - show them off!

Kudos to you all guys. Now that you “all” mention it, being deliberate to offer to help someone does make me forget my tough day, and helps me feel good. I saved yours’ all comments at home for a rainy day.

On my recent Range day visit, I also happened to have gone fishing, and right there at the lake, behind some thorny weeds, I found two new fishing lures in the mud. I dusted em off and look forward to testing them out.

On my range visit: Thus far, my only sights have been iron, or the plain white dot and squared U. But on this new rifle, it came with high visibility fiber optic sights, green in the rear, orange in the front. I was amazed how much it helped (my first time with such sights).



Heading to range this Sat. Will have some new ones to post after that. Have a good shooting days all :us:


Went today for a couple boxes. Ten yards quick:

Ten yards slow fire working on tc and upper body.


Well… 8-1/2” x 11”, actually. Thanks.


What did you see… What did you learn?..
Oops… Not mine words… (Sorry @Todd30 ).

Great slow shooting… Tighten your grip and you’ll be good with fast shooting. :ok_hand:


I know from myself that when I tend to just focus on the circle, I end up shooting all over that circle but when I fucus on a spot in the circle my rounds tighten up and become a smaller spread then before. Aim small miss small.


That’s why I use smaller targets


Have you every trimmed off the excess paper off the targets so your eyes are more focused on the targets themselves?


Finally got to the range today. Here is my range report.


#1. Put some lead downrange. It’s been way too long since I’ve fired a live round. I’m embarrassed to say how long.

#2. Assess myself for combat accuracy and shoot combat accurately. Do this by focusing on stance, grip, sight alignment, and trigger press.


Below is the good, the bad, and the ugly (not in that order). All targets are printed on 8.5 x 11 paper because I’m cheap.

Drill #1: the 10-10-10 drill. Goal of 10 rounds shot from 10 yards in 10 seconds. I don’t have a shot timer, so I video myself with my iPhone. I probably wasn’t within 10 seconds on every target. But close. Again, without a shot timer, my start was in the “cheating” category.

Shot first with the Shield 9mm because I’m carrying that most often these days. So it was the 9-10-10 drill due to capacity. Results were not great.

Shot it second with the Glock 19. Better.

Same drill again with the Shield a couple of times.

Drill #2 shooting with the Shield around a barrier as if pieing a doorway. Thankfully, there was a spare target stand on the range. I didn’t measure this distance. Likely 5-7 yards. Shield.

Drill #3 Shooting while walking to the target from about 10 yards to point blank range. Shot with Glock.

Drill # 3 T Rex Arms with Glock 19 from 5 yards. Drill 3a was fire one round, reload, fire 2nd round. Drill 3b was shoot the circles in sequence. I obviously shot low on circle 3. I’m guessing I anticipated recoil here. (Noticed myself doing that a time or two.)

Drill #4 T Rex Arms again. Shooting 4 rounds center target at 5 yards with the Shield. Had one round go right. I’m pretty sure that’s two rounds on top of each other by the letter “R.”

Drill #5 same T Rex Arms target, but shooting the outside circles with the rounds as marked.

Ran the same drill again with a bit better results.

Final drill. Another T Rex Arms target. Shot with Glock 19 from 7 yards. The miss in the middle is from the largest circle in the top right. Again, no timer, so I don’t know what my time was. At this point, I was no longer videoing myself. I slowed down considerable on the smaller two circles after the miss on the bigger circle. I shot these circles in order of largest to smallest.

Total round count was probably somewhere north of 125 rounds. I shot a target or two that I forgot to snap a picture of. Forgot to change the target once so I didn’t take a picture of that target.

Lessons from today.

#1. It’s been too long since I shot last. However, there is still some combat accuracy remaining. I wouldn’t put this in the great category, but I wouldn’t put it in the terrible category. Considering that this is all 8.5 x 11 paper, every shot was combat accurate and center mass, maybe not the best possible center mass, but I didn’t hit any innocent bystanders with today’s shooting.

#2. I need to work on physical fitness. Namely, I have grip strengtheners that have been collecting dust. Time to dust them off and use them. My forearm muscles reminded me today that I need to do that.

#3. I am not quick to acquire a target coming out of the holster, especially on the smaller targets. Center of mass on a man sized target, I would probably (isn’t that a great word to use when talking about a life threatening situation?) be ok. I need to get more time in behind the SIRT.

#4. I need to remember all gear when going to the range. Forgot the holster for the Glock 19. So I couldn’t work on holster work with that gun.

Goals for next range trip:

#1. Shoot at longer distances. The range I was using maxes out at about 12 yards or so. It’s probably technically 15 yards, but the grade is a little uphill and setting the target at the backstop doesn’t work great due to the incline. I was lazy and didn’t want to carry my gear to the longer range.

#2. Get in some offhand shooting. I usually do that, but this was a relatively quick trip to the range so I didn’t get everything in I would normally do.

#3. Add magazine changes to the shooting and moving.


and that folks, is how you do it!
Thank you @Sinbad!


Don’t know if anyone has mentioned it but, check your app store for a shot timer. Some work some don’t. Wish I was as meticulous at recording results as you are. Looks to have been a great trip.


Thanks for the tip. I actually downloaded an app but haven’t used it. Maybe next range trip I’ll try it out and report back to this thread.

I’ve never written up my range trips, but I do take pics of most of my targets and I usually video at least some of my shooting to review for improvement. I’ve been taking pics of targets since I started training.


Also, videoing and taking pics is easier where I shoot because if I get there right as they open, I typically have the handgun range to myself.


Best part


It’s going to be a scorcher of a day. I’m at a stopping point on the patio. This will call for acpl boxes to be sent down range it think.


I got into the habbit of just writing my notes right on the targets, that way its all in my pictures in easy to find order. I 100% agree on videoing yourself. Some people just dont realise what theyre doing wrong until they can actually see it with their own eyes.

Hoping to get some range time in tomorrow myself


Practicing head shots at 5 yards from quick draw, quick draw with step to left or right, then standing multiple shots in a row. Ignore body shots they were already there include neck shots, shoulders and up today. Used the 3 upper targets. Not bad for the second time to the range this year.

Edit: using Canik Combat Elite


I have those same targets. They are terrific.


same holes? :smiling_imp:


Sure, he’s got a pen to make them. Only joking Virgil pls don’t get mad.