Range targets - show them off!

Thanks @Paul008 and @Karacal ! I will be…hopefully to pick up my pistol :laughing:


i actually think its a weekly requirement for my brain to smell gunpowder to remain in normal function :laughing:


First time out this year. 50 rds ttl- 25 @10 yards to get the feel again, next 25 with hard step to left or right, then multiple shots in a row. The two high were from tail end of two sets of six fast.


Not my best work but it would have gotten the job done…
The bottom image I requal’d CCW last month the Top
Just blastin’ away w/ my new Hellion’s!

If ‘they’ come threw the garage they will see these first…just sayin’


Sighted my red dot on my AR45 Banshee. 25 feet.

Sighted in my AR 45 with 16 inch barrel.
Brand new gun and it has some problems. It has a problem feeding the bullets.
I will be working on that!

Mozambique drill
25 rounds @ 20 feet

Training was successful. Dry firing with my SIRT has really helped.

Train, practice and be safe!


My friend, You can share a foxhole with me anytime!


is it a CMMG banshee? i looked at them for supressed .45 host before i built the ump and just wasnt sure about their proprietary rotating bolt setup

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Yes, CMMG Banshee .45 with a silencer. I love this gun. It works so smooth and quiet now!


What did you see? What happened? What was the results? What did you learn?

ehh… Just kidding.

Awesome shooting ! :v:




Dry fire practice has really helped me with my speed and accuracy. Focusing on the front sights then transferring to the head shot with my eyes and my sights at the same time took work. Training with my grip and transitioning to the head shot maintaining the grip and firing when my sights came to the head enabled me to maintain the target with accuracy.

I looked at the target after I had fired my shots.


Finally got my butt to the range. Grandson came down to carry the gear.
I can’t even carry my own stuff!
He did comment that my gear bags ( plural ) weigh 40 lbs. each!
Hey, I bring everything! From Bug Wipes to a complete first aid kit.

First image, warm up. EDC Kimber 45 ACP 3” barrel, Hornady 185 Gr self defense hollow points, 14 rounds, 7.5 yards, strong hand from holster.

Everything the same except Kimber 45 ACP 4” barrel, PMC 230 Gr ball ammo.

Last few rounds of the day. Videos won’t play, format or something. All rounds called.
But you get the picture LOL! 16 rounds, yeah, I can’t find it either, my bad!
From 1st round called, right between the eyes, nose, cheek, chin, cleaver, shoulder, hand, including the round at the bottom of cleaver, was a surprise, even to myself!


.22 rifle, 25 yards, fiber optic fixed, 19" barrel, O/U, break action, Chiappa Double Badger, 1:1 rounder, which also has a .410 barrel Full Choke only.

New rifle, but interesting in that I tried about 3-4 different ammo brands and not one dud/misfire. Whereas with other .22 arms, I get a dud here and there. With this new rifle, I noticed the indentation on the casing rear is very deep. Is that the case with all “new” .22 rifles?

BTW, this post might qualify as a longest running with the most replies.

Fun at the range, I remembered to also dub as my “Do a good deed and pay it forward day” (random act of kindness), but funny thing was two other people did me a good deed; Fellah at the carwash helped me but refused any tip and lady driving on the road - smiled and waved me off the right of way, go figure.


Working my way further out. First shots at 800 yards with the Sig Cross-PRS in 6.5 Creedmoor. Obviously I need to adjust my elevation — I’m just glad I got two (barely) on the paper/one within 1 MOA.


That is a good distance. Keep up the good work…


Thanks @Todd30. Sure getting my exercise out there. Walked 9 miles back and forth to the target over the course of the afternoon.


Stay hydrated and pack a lunch! :rofl: :rofl: :sandwich:


Almost 1/2 a mile out and you’re on paper!? Technically, cardboard is paper!
I’m also guessing the white paper is 11 x 14 and the cardboard is 24 x 36?
Nice work!
Looks to me like two to the chest and one to each ear and a flier to his right, I’m sure he’s on the run or bleeding out!


This is a philosophy I try to live by. Random acts of kindness and paying it forward. It keeps my stress down.


Honestly, when I feel beat down by someone else, I find it really makes me go out of the way to find ways to be nice to someone.