Range Officer Training

I’m not sure I picked the correct category but I have questions about becoming a range officer. I’d like to know what classes are required or recommended for the goal. It would be in a rural area range not too far from us. I found this course: NRA RANGE SAFETY OFFICER

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The requirements for RSO can be unique to the range. I know some ranges require one to complete the NRA course, others require that you take their own in-house course.

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Check with the range. I know, as a 4H coach, part of that is to be the range officer. I had to go through the 4H prescribed certification process.

@KillJoy Here’s a link for NRA training courses, hope that helps.
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Here’s another one for you also.

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The gun club I’m a member of in Virginia has an RSO training class. After completion they send off the paperwork to the NRA and when send the $ you become NRA certified RSO. Renews every 3 years. Great class. Love standing RSO I’ve learned more about guns and shooting than I ever thought I would. And I’m headed for 70 years old. Something new every time.